The Difference Between Cute And Sexy

When a woman says you’re cute,” many men take the comment as an insult. Cute? Dogs are cute. A child helping her mother cook is cute. But when used to describe a man’s appearance, cute” is just about the last thing we want to hear.
But are we right to feel insulted when given what’s intended to be a compliment? I asked 13 women of different ages to determine the difference between a sexy” and a cute” man. Here’s what they had to say:
1. Cute Is Clean-Cut, Sexy Is Wild
For me, a younger, more innocent-looking guy is cute. He presents a clean-cut image (polos, no visible tattoos, short haircut, etc.), while a sexy guy gives the vibe of experience. He’s sexy in the laid-back way he dresses, his hair is a bit more wild, and he’s a bit older. The glimmer in his eye says he knows what he wants and doesn’t need to impress anyone to feel validated. – Carrie, 38
2. Sexy Is Confident
The difference is confidence. Sexy men are confident. Cute men are puppies.
– Corbin, 45
3. Cute Makes A Great Netflix Companion
Do you want to rip his clothes off, touch his rock hard abs and run your tongue along his chiseled cheekbones while he talks dirty to you? That’s a sexy man. Do you want to cuddle on the couch during a Netflix binge, talk about your goals and passions, then introduce him to your parents? That’s a cute man.
– Kate, 24
4. Authenticity Is The Key To Sexy
First, sexy and cute both have their merits. Second, it involves lots of personal preference. Some women may find something sexy that another thinks is cute. Most importantly, it really comes down to confidence and authenticity If a man is comfortable with himself, knows what he stands for, and asks for what he wants with confidence – that is so sexy. Men who try too hard to be sexy are hiding something, they’re covering up their true selves with gimmicks. Which may be cute, but it’s not sexy.
– Kim, 31
5. Cute Can Become Sexy, Sexy Can’t Become Cute
The difference between cute and sexy lies in how I react to a man. If he’s sexy, I probably want to sleep with him based on his body and how he talks to and touches me. If he’s cute, I’m interested in getting to know him better because of his personality, but I may or may not be physically attracted to him. The ideal man is both. He’s sexy enough to take to bed, but cute enough to possess a great conversation with over brunch the next morning. Cute men become sexy to me way easier than sexy men become cute.
– Jessica, 28
6. Sexy Is What She Craves
Cute: He’s likable, kind, safe, and mildly appealing. He’s not threatening but also not intriguing or compelling. Sexy: he’s hot, he turns you on. It might even be something kind of animalistic overriding all the “good girl programming” that tells you that the cute guy is the prize, but the sexy guy is the one you crave.
– Suzanna, 22
7. Cute Could Mean There’s No Sexual Attraction
There’s a fine line between cute and sexy. If you’re sexy, we want to bang you. If you’re cute? Well, maybe, but probably not. If I tell a guy he’s cute, it is because he’s not hot. I’ll say “Aw, you’re so cute!” because Personally i think harmful to him because he’s not hot and I wouldn’t bang him That’s precisely what we say.
– Kelly, 38
8. Cute Means ‘Boyfriend Material’
When I believe of a cute guy, he’s generally attractive but probably his personality may be the front-runner. He might not function as hottest guy in the area but he’s the nicest and contains the entire best package. He’s boyfriend material. Sexy means my attraction to him is driven by sexuality. His looks grabbed my attention first so I’m thinking about him in a far more sexual way instead of a cute guy where I probably think about dating him and learning him more.
– Liz, 26
9. Cuddling Is Cute, Making Out Is Sexy
Cute men are men I would like to cuddle and go out with. They’re men that produce me smile and laugh & most times drawn to mentally. Sexy men are men I would like to take right to bed or find out using them at a bar/club.
– Jennifer, 28
10. Cute Is Good-Looking, But…
The normal differences between cute and sexy to spell it out a man’s attractiveness is just how much he increases feelings of arousal. Meaning: just how much do you wish to have sexual intercourse with him predicated on his looks? Cute usually describes someone you merely think looks good. He could be physically attractive nonetheless it doesn’t necessarily mean you intend to have sexual intercourse with him. However, a guy whom you intend to have sexual intercourse with – person who arouses desire – is known as sexy.
– Dawn, 46
11. Will Smith Is Cute, Jake Gyllenhaal Is Sexy
A cute guy may be the guy you might just see as a pal initially. The guy you are not sure you prefer, but don’t mind spending time in. He’s just a little safer compared to the sexy guy as the sexy guy can be the bad boy that never calls you, keeps you guessing about his fascination with you, and dates many women. A sexy guy is the uber-confident guy; the one you think you can tame, but can’t. He’s way more forward than the cute guy and usually never texts you back after sex. With regards to looks, Cute = Scott Foley, Will Smith. Sexy = Idris Elba and Jake Gyllenhaal.
– Cassia, 23
12. Sexy Cares More About His Appearance
A cute man gets my initial look due to something about his features, hair, or mannerisms that cause me to smile or look again. A sexy man cares for his beauty by growing out and styling his hair, and wearing fitted clothing that flatters his body. He also takes care of his body, emotions and he exudes confidence and compassion.
– Laurie, 41
13. Professionals Are Cute, Laborers Are Sexy
To me, the difference between being considered “cute” and “sexy” is mostly a matter of a man’s physical appearance, but can often times be a mix of physical appearance and attitude/demeanor. Softer, younger, and more boyish features (clean-cut, groomed, etc.) would be considered cute. Being nice, sweet, gentle, and soft-spoken are also cute traits. Traits that would make me consider a guy sexy would be a messier look. He’s unshaven, has some sort of wear and tear to his look, and he’s rough around the edges. He probably has a sharp jawline, piercing eyes, and hard, thick hands.
– Courtney, 29

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