The Date Of Death By Daniel Czegeny

It had been my first date with a good girl, who studied medicine and wished to turn into a doctor. We grabbed a sit down elsewhere close to the river, and everything was going well, so she suggested a walk is taken by us across the water.
I thought the lady was had by me in my own pocket. We sat at a bench under a good tree, considering the river and making out. Then, after another half hour of the so-far perfect date, everything went wrong which could go wrong.
There is a wild party going on in the pub by the riverside, and some drunken fellows visited swim. One of these started yelling suddenly, searching for one of is own friends. You guessed it: The guy was drowning.
Now, I’m not proud if this, but I’m afraid of water due to a childhood accident, and I learned to swim never. The indegent fellow’s friends were too drunk to greatly help him, therefore i ran for help, scared like a litttle lady, while my girl was calling the ambulance. I couldn’t find any help, obviously, and my date was in hysterics.
quarter-hour passed by while among the many drunken friends found the body, nonetheless it was much late for the guy too.
Obviously, the date over was. Death could be the ultimate mood killer!
We’d another date later, however the only thing we’re able to consider was that horrible first date , therefore the relationship was dead from that moment, too.

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