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By Jade Seashell (contributor), writer of A Seductress’ Confession: How exactly to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure”
I recall when I was young, the teacher in the kindergarten told us a tale called Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I was wondering, If Snow White is really a Western girl, how come she have black hair? Is she Chinese?” After so a long time, I’ve finally realized a European woman can in fact appear to be Snow White, and women like this are from Romania
A Romanian woman could possibly be the ultimate Snow White in true to life because of their amazing qualities that you shouldn’t miss out on. Let me explain.
A typical Romanian girl has a slim body, fair skin, brown eyes and black hair – this is actually the Snow White in reality. So if that is your type, definitely go to Romania and meet these gorgeous ladies.
Many Romanian girls are not materialistic, which means they still believe in true love (or fairy tales). If you are looking for a romantic relationship, dating a well-educated and humble girl from Romania is often a right option.
Romanian beauties are traditional wife materials Just like most girls in any country, they look for marriages, so if you are searching for that as well, you might want to consider a Romanian bride.
Maybe you have read a lot of information about how East European women are all gold-diggers who see western men as opportunities. What I’d like to share with you now is my understanding and observation: there are good women and bad women everywhere. You can meet a gold-digger/prostitute in Romania, but you can also meet a gold-digger/prostitute in the United States. It’s just a realistic fact. Therefore, I’ve decided to list a range of myths about Romanian women and debunk all of them for you today:
Myth #1: Romanian girls are pretty and dumb. I know that many people associate being pretty with being stupid. But no matter how you would like to justify that belief, that prejudice really can’t hold water in Romania. You can do a Google search and see the percentage of people who have university degrees in the United States and Australia – you will be surprised to learn that only 28% of Americans and Australians have university education. However, in Romania, every girl that I met visited university – and that wasn’t a coincidence.
Myth #2: Romanian women are sugar babies. Indeed, many sugar daddies get sugar babies from East Europe, but it doesn’t mean you can find more sugar babies in East Europe compared to the remaining world. That’s actually because sugar daddies desire to showcase their East European sugar babies that are incredibly beautiful, whereas less sugar daddies whose sugar babies are Americans/Australians desire to tell others about their sugar relationships. I understand a sugar daddy whose sugar baby is from East Europe, and her job would be to attend functions and social events with the sugar daddy, as the sugar daddy’s goal would be to get validation from other people who would envy him due to his sexy East European girl. Actually, he doesn’t even want sex from her because he could be 65 years old! Because of situations like this, people often assume East European women are sugar babies, but that’s just a bias.
Myth #3: Romanian ladies are easy women. Again, that’s just another prejudice. You can find easy women everywhere, whichever country you visit, you will see easy women, in the event that you look for them! Actually, most Romanian beauties tend to be more traditional than you imagine. Romanian girls that I’ve met are hardworking, intelligent and pretty. They’re top quality women. Also, even though a girl really wants to sleep with you, it generally does not mean she actually is easy. Everyone includes a to choose when to possess sex with whom, so please respect their choice and judge others less. Women likewise have libido, so women enjoy sex, too. Hopefully that isn’t a surprise.
A Romanian woman could possibly be the ultimate Snow White in true to life because of their amazing qualities that you should not miss out on.
Myth #4: Romanian girls are poor. Although East Europe isn’t successful with regard to economy in general, don’t assume all Romanian girl is poor. I’ve met successful Romanian women who concentrate on their career and businesses – they make their very own money and achieve their very own success in the society. So please don’t assume that all Romanian girls are poor – they really don’t need your pity. Though Romania was a communist country previously, it doesn’t mean this country is a failure at all. If you find it hard to understand, just think about another example: China is the world’s biggest communist country (even today it is still a communist country), but you probably already know that China has numerous multi-millionaires and they live a luxurious lifestyle. Similarly, Romania also has many rich people in major cities.
Two quick tips which will help you to impress your Romanian girlfriend:
You might want to impress her by paying her compliments often. But that’s actually a mistake. Let me explain.
Unlike women in Western countries, girls from Romania associate too many compliments with manipulation. By that I mean they may worry that you probably have an agenda because you compliment her at all times. Therefore, she will be very careful if you say nice things about her too frequently. Consequently, you should pay her a compliment occasionally, but not too often.
Impress her family and friends.
Romanian girls value family very much, so her family members are really important to her. Consequently, if you see her as a serious girlfriend who will develop a long-term relationship with you, you should impress her family. Dress well and behave well in front of her family.
Apart from that, you would be well-advised to bring a group of your friends to meet several her friends. This might sound slightly bizarre with regard to why activities like that may impress your Romanian girlfriend, nevertheless, you: when she sees that you introduce your social group to her social group, she feels you’re very reliable, as social proof is important to her aswell.
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