Spring is here now, and the big moment is on your own heels. Guess what happens we’re discussing: prom.
You don’t desire to screw things up. You’ve been eyeing someone – say, Michelle in Physics – all year. But asking someone from a date is a very important factor – prom is another. Just how do you accomplish an ideal prom proposal – or, because the kids call it, promposal?
Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Go on it from us, girls yearn for an excellent guy who can suggest to them love, affection, and perhaps just a little flair. Done right, the promposal can put a woman over the moon.
Here are several of the Dos and Don’ts of promposals, plus some fun ideas for hooking a special someone to spend probably the most memorable night of senior high school with you.
1. Promposal Dos
You intend to have an enjoyable experience at prom with the date of one’s dreams, right? So, pay attention! Below are a few foolproof tips about how to have an excellent promposal:
Personalize It
Your date will really appreciate you going the excess mile to personalize your promposal idea, if you have inside jokes, references or things both of you love, utilize them! Once you learn your loves pandas, incorporate the furry li’l guys. There is nothing worse when compared to a highly elaborate, but extremely impersonal promposal. Match the promposal to the individual. If the individual you’re asking likes big surprises, surprise her. If she prefers something small and intimate, ensure it is a private affair. Most importantly, be thoughtful and demonstrate put effort and time into every last detail.
Be Romantic
You shouldn’t be afraid to infuse some romance. But, only it is a romantic situation, needless to say. Bring her red roses, or daffodils, or carnations… whatever her favorite flower is. (Have no idea? Ask her companion). Bring a baked good. Draw her name in chalk. Play her favorite song (or “your” song) on the stereo (the 80s are back, guys).
Have A Backup Plan
This can be a must. Imagine if something goes wrong? Imagine if the marching band doesn’t arrive on time? Will have a backup plan when coping with grand gestures and a lot of moving parts. Bring flowers and a card to accomplish an instant and easy promposal. Something is preferable to nothing.
Let Your Creativity Shine
Showcase your creative side. Make something for the date or bake something or create something. Nothing says “I really like you” just like a homemade card or cake. Walk out your safe place and develop something original. Fill her room with balloons (you will see a good idea below) or rent a pony.
Consider Checking In With Her Friends
It might be smart to run your opinions past her friends. Like: Will she say yes? That is the first step. If you are uncertain, ask her friends this crucial question. Should they confirm she’s more likely to say yes, run a few of the ideas past them. Unless you already know these exact things, ask what her interests and favorite foods, flowers, etc. are. It is critical to have all the facts, here, so go to the source. Her BFFs know best. Trust us.
Have Fun
This should be fun for you. Yes, it will be nerve-wracking. But try to set back and enjoy this surprise you’re putting on! It’s a memory you will want to remember positively. It’s not just a promposal for this girl you adore, but a special moment for you as well.
2. Promposal Don’ts
Here are some of the absolute don’t’s’ when it comes to promposals. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be in the clear.
Don’t Under-Deliver
You want to make sure you deliver what she expects. Or, better yet, exceed those expectations. A common mistake in promposals is the under-delivery. Don’t get caught underwhelming and disappointing.
Don’t Ask The Wrong Person
This one is simple and self-explanatory. Don’t be that guy! Use last names if this is a public affair!
Don’t Ask Someone Who’ll Say No
This one also seems self-explanatory, but do not ask the most popular girl in school if it’s more likely than not she’ll say no. This might be controversial but, avoid the awkwardness. Ask that girl who will say yes… she’s probably nicer, anyway.
Don’t Involve Other People Unless You’re Sure
Involving other people can be can be a terrific asset to your promposal, especially if the girl in question loves her friends and big surprises. One note of caution: do not involve people if you don’t know for certain the answer will be yes. Otherwise, you will be living down that shame for the rest of your life.
Don’t Involve Her Parents
Keep this to everyone under 22. No girl wants her parents watching when her boyfriend, or the guy she has a crush on, or a cute boy from 4th period asks her to prom. Involve the parent’s on prom night, sure, but keep them at a distance for the promposal.
Don’t Publicly Surprise A Shy Person
Know your audience. If your prospective date is a person who will love a big, public surprise, then great. But if she’s more introverted and fears public displays of affection, do something thoughtful and intimate. Ask her in a classroom with a sweet card rather than with a huge flash mob.
Be Sensitive To Allergies
Check your facts. Don’t make silly mistakes that will bring the whole promposal down. Something as simple as a peanut allergy, met with a promposal gift of peanut M&Ms, will stick you in the ER, not her good graces. If you are doing anything with food (or pets), make certain beforehand that you’re in the clear.
Don’t Overdo It
It’s true – bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes, a promposal can be too much. Use your own judgement on this, but, remember, bigger is most definitely not always better. Again, read the room.
3. Promposal Inspiration
Still looking for ideas? Check out some of these epic viral promposal videos for inspiration:
TV Inspiration
Calling all Grey’s Anatomy fans! In this viral promposal, a boy dresses up as McDreamy in this successful attempt at winning his prospective date’s heart. Watch below:
Go Big Or Go Home
This boy proposed to his girlfriend by filling her room with balloons. Talk about a grand gesture. Here’s hoping they had fun with the helium after:
Food For Thought
Who could say no to a promposal pizza?! I mean, c’mon. It even has the word prom spelled out in tiny pepperonis.
Being Punny”
This boy got creative with his grammatical functions and used puns to seal the deal with his gal. He made a shoebox with running shoes and ran with a pun about running (see what we did there?). This is oh so cute!
Celebrity Treatment

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