The 10 Stages Of The Shameful Pickup

It is possible to contain your excitement hardly.
Week You’re sooooooooooo burnt from your.
You are prepared to blow off some SERIOUS steam.
1. You meet friends and family at the bar and you’re all set.
2. You feel pretty cool, scoping out the ladies
3. You’re warming yourself up ’cause you’re so ready to take action
4. You imagine, “Oh my god, I’m sooooooooooo in.” Until you’re so not.
5. And suddenly it’s 2:30 a.m., and you also have to get in the ZONE.
6. As well as your options want bleak still, so it’s taken by you up a notch.
7. Until suddenly you understand you’re… all alone. Where in fact the fck did everyone go?
8. But you’re like, “Whatever, she enough looks good.” And, HELL NO, you are not going home alone.
9. ANNNNNNNNNNNNND you’re back the game!

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