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Writing isn’t easy. And yet most people do it each day, multiple times each day, by means of texting Sure, texting doesn’t require the same formality and care as writing an essay or a news article or a letter, but the way you choose to communicate through writing can make a big impression on someone.
It can be a huge pet peeve for some women if you’re not good at texting. From bad spelling, to immature language to rambling messages, if she’s cringing each and every time she looks down at a message from you, you’re setting yourself up for failure.
But don’t worry, you don’t need to hire a professional proofreader to look over your messages each and every time you want to hit send. All it takes is a little reflection – trying to see the text through someone else’s eyes – to identify some common texting issues.
Check out this list of 11 texting mistakes and then get ready to send out the sexiest stream of SMS she’s ever seen.
Crinnnge. For some women, seeing a message like this can cause a full-body shudder. Not only does it suggest that you haven’t opened a book since your high school English class, it also suggests a carelessness that she’s going to worry might bleed into other aspects of your behavior.
How to fix it: Take a minute to read over your message before you hit send. If you’re worried you won’t catch the errors, try reading it out loud or even getting a friend to read it.
Nervous laughter in text form comes off the same way as nervous laughter in real life. It’s fine to throw in a “lol” or “haha” when something is funny, but if you’re throwing it in left and right, it’s just going to come off as immature.
How to fix it: Free yourself of the lol. You do not need it. Your texts look better without it.
Emojis can be quite a real problem of taste. She may love them, she may hate them. Generally, you need to pass the maxim, “everything in moderation” – even emojis
How to correct it: Just feel it out. If she’s not utilizing a lot emojis, it’s likely that she’s not super into them. If she does utilize them, then it’s just a matter of time before your conversation are conducted entirely in winks, poops and sheep.
You’re writing a text, not just a cliffhanger novel.
How to correct it: If you test your over-use of ellipses, you will most probably find that you’re with them as a crutch – either to “soften” endings of sentences (an interval!? how final!) or as you feel unsure in what you’re saying. Exactly like with the “lols”, let them go! Your texts can look a lot more confident and definite without them.
An enormous wall of text could be pretty intimidating to get right from the start. As a wise woman-turned-meme once said “Ain’t nobody got time for that.”
Once you’ve got an excellent rapport choosing someone, it seems sensible that you’d begin to send them longer texts. But you won’t need to be sending rambling walls of texts to someone you merely met and, really, if you THAT much to state, the trend is to just call her?
How to correct it: Give your thumbs an escape. They probably require it. And save the long discussions for in-person.
It is the quickest solution to lose someone’s interest. If even the idea of texting you back is stressing them out because they’re afraid of one’s negative reaction, it’s likely that they can just stop texting you altogether.
How to correct it: Forget about attempting to guilt someone into watching you and find a person who pays attention to you the amount you need.
This kind of writing is fine – if you’re a teenager using AIM in 1996.
How to fix it: We’re not going to tell you that all your texts need to be prim and proper. You’re an adult, you can text however you like. But if you’re going to text in an unconventional way, at least be creative instead of using slang that hasn’t been popular since Bill Clinton was president.
Nothing is more painful than a text conversation where nobody will take the reigns and decide on some plans. Plus, when you start adding too many options and variables to a plan via text, the chances of details getting confused/misinterpreted increases significantly. This is what leads to someone accidentally getting stood up at a movie theater.
How to fix it: Keep it simple! Decide the smaller details in person.
This is another tricky one. Some people like to be responded to very promptly with regards to texts. Others don’t mind waiting a bit to hear back from you. Some people find slow responders very frustrating and others find quick responders smothering. Try to figure out what the best balance is for you and your new text buddy.
How to fix it: Just ensure that if you are texting about considerations like plans or information you don’t keep her waiting. It isn’t playing hard to obtain if you are just wasting her time.
Unless you’ve already ventured into sexting territory together, don’t just emerge from nowhere with this particular stuff. And even once you have established that sexting is okay, watch your timing.There is a time and a location for her to learn a description of one’s penis and it’s really not in the middle of her niece’s baptism. (And never EVER send a dick pic unless explicitly asked.)
How to fix it: If you really need to send dirty messages out into the world, find somewhere to send them where no one will see them. You know like Twitter or something.
This is another one that can be a big deal to some women. An exclamation point in texting is not the same as an exclamation point in speech or in formal writing. It doesn’t mean you’re yelling something, it just means you’re jazzed! You’re excited about talking to her and the plans you’re making together! Yay!
As with emojis and lols, you only need to use them here and there, but the difference they make is honestly huge.
How to fix it: If your texts are looking a little dry, pepper them with some exclamation points and watch how the mood of your conversations instantly changes!
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