Term Reproductive Health

1. Long-term reproductive health
In the same way men need regular physical exercise to stay healthy, exercising the penis, by achieving erections, is paramount to maintaining a wholesome sex life for a long time ahead. Men who don’t regularly take part in sex or masturbation are in a larger risk for penile atrophy later on. Weekly Just as they ought to shoot for a full-body workout 3 x, men should make an effort to exercise the penis at the very least three times weekly in an effort to help ward off erectile dysfunction or other sexual health issues later in life.
While regular sexual activity is an important part of overall health and well-being in men, many men with health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer find erectile dysfunction to be an upsetting side effect of their condition. If you’re among the millions of men who suffer from ED as a side effect of a health condition, don’t lose hope. There are treatment options available that could help you restore sexual function so that you can enjoy all the health benefits mentioned here.
Dr. Phil Nguyen, M.D., serves as a physician with Boston Medical Group , an independent physician network that specializes in men’s health issues, including erectile dysfunction (which is often related to larger health issues such as diabetes , hypertension and cancer).

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