Syrian Women Leaving Syria

There are always a complete many more Syrian stunners leaving Syria nowadays. Perhaps you have any idea their motives ?
Modern Syrian ladies want fair rights. In Syria, there is a dual legal system which include religious court and secular court. Unfortunately, the religious court discriminate against ladies in Syria. Worse still, marriage contracts are between your brides’ father and the groom in Syria. Currently, Syrian law still doesn’t recognise marital rape, this means a complete large amount of women in Syria are raped by their husbands in the home. Moreover, though Syrian beauties are permitted to participate in lifestyle even, they aren’t guaranteed an area in being a section of social, economic, political and cultural fields. It truly is much harder for a Syrian girl to attain your targets in Syria. Also, because the legal age for women to acquire married is 17 years, early marriage is common in this country incredibly. Actually, the Syrian courts may allow 13-year-old girls to acquire married also. Which means a Syrian beauty’s wishes are rarely met – the marriage contract is signed by her dad and her freaking husband. In the event a Syrian lady really wants to get hold of a divorce really, she must get consent from her freaking husband or prove that her crazy husband has physically abused her or neglected his duties as a husband. However, in the event a Syrian man really wants to divorce his freaking wife really, all he should do is always to demand a divorce for 3 x in court orally, and the judge will order immediately him a legal divorce. No relevant question is asked! Obviously, men and women aren’t equal in Syria, so all women from Syria need to leave Syria and find out a better future.
Some stunners in Syria find out about the truth that they’re treated badly in Syria and can enjoy better benefits a long way away. The literacy rate for women is 74.2%, whereas the literacy rate for men is 91% in Syria. The rate of girls with secondary education is 29%, that’s very sad. This means women’s involvement in the workforce is rather reduced Syria – only 15.5% of the labour force in this country are women. No wonder most beauties in Syria can’t afford to divorce their mad husbands – they financially be dependant on their men! In accordance with Wikipedia, female soldiers are trained to safeguard the Syrian president because their government believes that women are less inclined to be searched and stopped at government checkpoints – it’s easier to allow them to protect their VIP. But that does mean these women are most likely used by the machine.
Crime against Syrian women makes them desire to leave that country. Honour killings are very commonplace in Syria – each year at the very least 200 women are killed since they ruined the family’s reputation”. Common known reasons for honour killings are: becoming the victim of rape, wearing revealing clothes, being truly a lesbian, having an affair , refusing to enter an arranged marriage, marrying somebody who is disapproved by the household, etc. Besides, child/forced marriages are normal in Syria aswell. Many parents force their young daughters into child marriages because of concern with rape, insecurity or terrible living conditions. After that, at the very least 26% of ladies in Syria are abused by their husbands anyway. It really is clear a growing amount of modern ladies from Syria desire to leave that country whenever you will find a chance.

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