Surprising Spots To Meet Women

7. Hooters
At first, a place already saturated with desperate dudes hitting on utterly overwhelmed women may sound like an individual guy’s nightmare. But reconsider. No, not concerning the boobies (which are admittedly nice). The intense competition is the key reason why it is the perfect place for a well-mannered guy with a thimbleful of tact to swoop in and rescue a damsel in distress. By pretending to be her boyfriend/husband/legal guardian, it is possible to save her from being attacked by overwhelmingly awkward conversation with creepy-mustached guys with canned pickup lines (“Does it smell like roses in here, or is your vagina just? Hey, baby, I’m Kenneth.”). Engage her in a standard conversation about regular stuff, and her contact number could forth spring, like giant breasts unleashed from the sports bra.

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