Not absolutely all Latinas eat enchiladas absolutely.
Suppose said boy, wanting to grab a Latina girl, survives the you don’t look Latina line,” or manages to allow it slip never.
His transgression: When she says she happens to be Puerto Rican, he says, Oh, I love eating enchiladas really!”
Guys, this is simply not good simply. We realize guys that aren’t used to dating or interacting with Latinas is typically not able to tackle the many types of cuisines quickly, but recognize that not absolutely all Latinas eat a similar food absolutely.
Enchiladas certainly are a Mexican staple certainly. Puerto Rico is often a small island in the Caribbean which consists of own criolla cuisine (an assortment of European and native cooking techniques), that will not include enchiladas. Or tacos Or margaritas
Although some ingredients span cultures (rice is really a prime example), the types, preparation styles, and techniques change from place to place. Nearly all differences reflect the terrain of origin, that could include Latin America’s deserts, jungles, swamps, and mountain landscapes.
Not that enchiladas aren’t delicious or anything…
All Latinas usually do not speak Spanish.
Boy realizes girl is Latina and blurts…
Say something in Spanish!”
That is dangerous territory, and things can spiral quickly from here. Not forgetting this line could be a piss poor excuse for flirting. The quantity of Latinos who usually do not speak Spanish is greater than ever before because of a new generation that is raised, educated, and acculturated in the usa. If she will not speak Spanish, usually do not discredit her Latina-ness, either: Language isn’t always linked with custom, and she may still follow the customs of her roots.
And if she actually is Brazilian and asked to speak Spanish, she could walk out of the area. (If this appears like news for you, we suggest you do some Googling.)
If she does speak Spanish, your brand-new Latina love interest isn’t a circus, so requests such as this often make Latina women feel just like their language is entertainment. If the Spanish comes out naturally, let it; it means she is comfortable enough to be herself and share her language. If it does not come out naturally, let it go. The right time will come when you hear it.
Not absolutely all Latinas cook.
Yup, it really is true! (Do not be too devastated.)
As not absolutely all Italian or French women cook Just, not absolutely all Latinas cook.
When boy tosses out, So you’re Latina, will you cook for me?” – his question may fall flat – below sea-level flat.

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