Smooth Gestures
Women Reveal The Smooth Moves Guaranteed To Get You A Second Date
Ever wonder what people could be saying about your facial hair behind your back? Wonder no longer and witness the power of what happens when you Smooth Up!
Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the grand romantic gestures that win women over. It’s the small, considerate acts that show you’re paying extra attention that make them view you as their knight in shining armor. Translation: You can find things you will be doing right now that may make your lover swoon – without you even needing to say a word.
Before we even begin, let’s discuss your look. Everything you wear and how well (or not) groomed you’re is simply as important as any act you perform. Utilizing the BIC® Flex 5 razor and its own five flexible blades will get you the closest shave possible so as to look like a genuine gentleman that knows that chivalry isn’t dead.
Here are the very best 10 most chivalrous things a man can perform – as told by the ladies who say it works in it every time.
Putting Your Phone On Silent IF YOU ARE With Her
Emma Overton, AskMen Editor
It’s a reflection of that time period we live in that certain of the very most romantic actions you can take when you’re with someone else would be to put your phone on silent or transform it off completely. Show her you are interested in getting together with her – not her as well as your buddy who keeps texting you.
April Masini, Relationship and Etiquette Expert
Without a word, it is possible to simply guide her by way of a door, a crowd, onto or from public transportation, or into her chair (as you pull it out on her behalf). This is the very gentlemanly move to make. It costs you nothing and scores big points. It is also a means of touching her politely that demonstrates you’re ready to protect her.
Buy Her Food
Sophie Babinksi, Entertainment Writer
The common saying The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is accurate, or even very inclusive. The best way to a woman’s heart can be through her stomach. Women may be a bit pickier in what exactly you want to eat (ensure it is top quality and healthy-ish, if you can), but, as with gifts, it’s the thought that counts. There is nothing quite as romantic or chivalrous as a man wordlessly handing us a crusty-bread, sautéed veggie sandwich after a long day at the office.
Stand On The Outside When Walking On The Street
Aly Walansky, Dating Expert
This is a little-known but very often-appreciated act of being a gentleman, especially on city streets and in the rain, when mud and puddles are often splashing everywhere from passing traffic. If there’s going to be water kicked up by a car, you should be prepared to take the hit, not her.
Changing The Background Of His Phone To A Photo Of Them Together
Lindsay Tigar, Dating Expert
Though women might not be quick to admit it (and okay, not all women are the same, obviously!) – they tend to be the oversharers on social media. While they might be posting #NewRelationship images and updating their status to make things official, they’re also anxious to see what you’ll do in return. It’s not that they don’t trust your feelings, it’s that sometimes, they want to show off their new Bae, and want you to do the same. A simple step you can take to show her you’re committed and happy to be in this new relationship is doing something somewhat public, but still private: Like updating the background of your phone to a photo of her or of the two of you. The next time you’re together, she’ll notice it and more than likely, lean over and kiss you for the sweet gesture.
Grabbing Something That’s Too High For Us To Reach
Danielle Page, Lifestyle Blogger
This is particularly chivalrous to us short girls who have to literally scale our kitchen counters in order to get what we need. Having a guy reach something for us that’s way up on the highest shelf of our cabinets will make us swoon every time. Bonus points if a guy does it without having to be asked. It makes us feel like you’ve got our backs even when it comes to the small things – like needing our favorite wine glass from the top shelf.
Surprise Her By Picking Her Up From Work At The End Of A Tough Week
Sophie Babinksi, Entertainment Writer
For those of us who rely on public transit to commute to and from work, we cannot say enough about the romantic gesture that is getting picked up on a Friday. Every Wednesday, we develop a strong hatred of our desk, our chair, and our computers. By Thursday, we would give up a third of our paycheck to stay home and watch daytime TV all day. So, if a man really wants to show us he cares, he will roll up to the office at 5:45 P.M. on a Friday, merely to drive us home.
Bring Flowers To AN INITIAL Date
April Masini, Relationship and Etiquette Expert
That is completely old school, and can win big points for a minimal price. She’s been on dates before, but in the event that you really want to get that promotion, bring her just a little gift that presents you’re the guy who sticks out, sets himself apart, and can treat her in this manner down the line. If you want this, then hone it by steering clear of clichés just like a single rose or supermarket flowers. If you are performing a single flower, decide on a sunflower and if you will need to use the supermarket, remove the high cost and the plastic. Big spender? Work with a florist. In fact, take up a relationship together with your florist. It’ll help your love life.
Helping Her Into Her Coat
Danielle Page, Lifestyle Blogger
This is the classic move from the old school Hollywood movies of the ‘60s, where women wore gigantic furs they needed to be helped into by their male counterparts. Helping us put our coat on makes us feel just like among those super glamorous celebrities – even though we’re only wearing an inexpensive jean jacket. It’s this type of small, meaningful gesture that presents you’re paying extra attention.
Remembering How She Takes Her Coffee
Lindsay Tigar, Dating Expert
Something interesting happens to the human brain when you start to build up a crush on someone new: Your brain genuinely can’t stop considering them. From what she wore on your own third date to how it felt when you initially kissed her, the body responds to those happy endorphins by memorizing, well, everything. Use your mind’s natural a reaction to your advantage: Begin taking notes on characteristics and preferences which are super-specific to her. Something as simple as remembering how she takes her coffee can show the amount of you value her – particularly if you have it looking forward to her before she heads off to an early-morning meeting. She’ll be impressed by the method that you don’t remember the big things, however the little things, that produce her special and make your relationship solid.
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