Stages Of The Shameful Pickup

11. You. Are. The. Boss.
12. Until your beer goggles commence to clear and you’re like, WHAAAAAAAAAT?!
13. But you’re like YIPPIEEEEEEEEEE, ’cause who cares, really?
14. And you also awaken at her house another morning and you’re like, “Sht. I here gotta escape.”
15. But then you’re understood by you’re the final you to definitely leave the bar, so you’re totally cool.
16. And you also realize you have the clap soon.
17. And you’re freaking out a little.
And feel real sorry all on your own.
18. Until you see a doctor and you also realize you will be OK if you take antibiotics.
Just don’t tell your friend Barry because he’ll think you’re an idiot.
And make you promise to achieve that again never.
Until next Saturday.

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