Spotting The Games People Play On Serbian Women DATING WEBSITE

According to a study about Serbian women on OKCupid , among the world’s biggest online dating site, men have discovered a range of games that Serbian girls are playing with them.
(Disclaimer: This can be a study on game-playing in relationships; it’s not a study about negative qualities in Serbian ladies We have been sure that nearly all women from Serbia are perfect.)
The status game: Luke met Sandra on OKCupid, plus they decided to meet one another in person If they are enjoying coffee on a sunny day, that’s their conversation about holidays:
Luke: Where did you go this year? I tried Budapest. Its culture is rich indeed.
Sandra: As a Serbian girl, I’m not considering countries nearby. I head to NY usually, probably the most exciting city on the world probably.
Luke: Why is it possible to like New York?
Sandra: I was inspired by the classic movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. So every time I visit NY, I have to check out Tiffany & Co on the 5th Avenue!
Luke: You have good taste. I assume that is clearly a shopping spree clearly, right?
Sandra: Yes, you’ll be able to say that. The very best designer at Tiffany’s is Elsa Peretti. Her design is sensual and intriguing indeed.
The manipulation game: Jack met Nina on OKCupid. They’re chatting online for three days, and Nina changed her profile photos for four times. She looked attractive in her photos incredibly. So Jacked asked her out. (Jack thought it turned out his idea to meet Nina personally.)
How to overcome mind games: Once you recognize the game, you’ll everywhere notice it.
On the initial date, normally, this is a portion of their conversation:
Jack: What now ??
Nina: I’m a health coach.
Jack: That’s interesting. So can be you experiencing any health advice for me?
Nina: Well, I’ve no basic idea you perfectly. Therefore you should tell me a far more about yourself little.
Jack: I really believe I’m healthy generally, but I want to keep concentrating on my health well-being and insurance.
Nina: Do you wish to try XYZ supplements? (She removes a pamphlet from her bag.)
Jack: That looks excellent.
Nina: As soon as you order XYZ supplements online , don’t forget to input my name for a 10% discount.
Jack: Wow. Thanks for that.
A week later, Jack realized that Nina wasn’t a health coach. He was just her marketplace for a multi-level marketing company. Then Jack began to be cautious in terms of dating Serbian girls.
How to approach mind games: As soon as you recognize the game, you will notice it everywhere. Luckily, once spotted, a casino game loses its hold over you. Insufficient awareness is more threatening than insufficient knowledge. Once you have the awareness, you’ll simply be nodding internally and thinking, Oh, that old status/manipulation game” without getting upset.
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