Six Types Of Sugar Mommas In 2019

Are you looking for a rich spouse? Statistics show that a growing number of people are searching Google for this key phrase rich women looking for poor men”. I’m not saying the fact that you are reading this article means you are a poor man. Actually, I’d like to say that if you are reading this article, you are either already rich or you have a big chance to become rich one day, because having money is something on your mind right now.
Yes, dating rich women can make you rich, but you need to understand the rich first.
#1 Old money cougar: This woman’s grandparents were already very rich. She was a trust fund baby and now she is the person who actually controls her family’s wealth. Because of her powerful background, she is unlikely to be a Bridget Jones That means she was probably married before and today she actually is divorced or widowed. The thing is that her existing social circle is filled with married men whose age act like hers. Younger men in her social circle may also be from rich families, to allow them to easily date younger, hotter women with money, too. Therefore, the issue of this rich woman makes her need to select a male sugar baby – never underestimate the power of loneliness. Because she was made in a rich family and is well-educated with class quite, she doesn’t would rather showcase her money. But she actually is very happy to spoil her toy boy actually.
#2 Showy sugar momma: This cougar was made in a wealthy family, but she happens to be a professional spender who would like to showcase her profit order to acquire additional attention from others. One way to showcase her wealth would be to day younger, sexier men in order that other people will understand that she actually is charming and rich enough to obtain toy boys. If you decide to date a showy sugar momma, you must look extremely hot. In this way, she will proudly take you to all dinner parties and functions to show off you!
#3 Down-to-earth cougar: This rich lady is a self-made multimillionaire. She is very practical and doesn’t like showing off her assets because in her opinion, her assets are hers & have nothing to do with anyone else. In case you are her sugar baby, she will treat you right, but not in the most luxurious way. You can expect to travel with her and she will pay for your business class flight, but probably you mustn’t expect flying high grade with her. She knows how hard it really is to create money, so she won’t waste her money.
#4 New money cougar: This wealthy lady’s parents weren’t rich, but she actually is rich either because she made money by herself or by divorcing her rich ex-husband. In her reality, her money should bring her fame, status and social acceptance. Therefore, she actually is always stylishly dressed up in order to impress the Joneses, including Samantha Jones, but excluding Bridget Jones. Her favorite fashion brands are Chanel, LV and Gucci. These logos must display clearly somewhere on her top, bag and shoes. The fact that she is dating a male sugar baby means she has status.
#5 The celebrity cougar: This famous sugar momma is very well-known in Hollywood. She was married and divorced for multiple times and she is still interested in dating new men, including toy boys. In case you are dating a celebrity cougar , you have to be prepared for paparazzi’s photos, lack of privacy and becoming a famous guy yourself. If you don’t want to appear in tabloids and fashion magazines, you almost certainly shouldn’t date a high profile sugar momma.
#6 Roller-coaster sugar momma: This cougar has good and the bad in life. She went bankrupt at least one time in her lifetime. However now she is back again to the rich circle and wish to meet younger men for romantic encounters. Because she actually is used to exciting things in life, you need to be challenging enough to assist you keep her attention and affection. Therefore, it is time to boost your perceived challenged in her eyes.
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