Signs YOUVE GOT A Cheating Wife

the way to handle it
There’s no have to get paranoid and suspicious if she’s exhibiting the signs you’ve got a cheating wife. If you believe her recent behavior isn’t adding up or you catch her lying, do not accuse her of cheating. Think about whether or not she’s given you a reason to suspect her of two-timing you, or whether it’s your imagination running wild because you’re afraid of losing her.
Here’s how to handle your suspicions:
You have a feeling
If you believe she may be cheating , approach her but don’t bring up the cheating. Ask her if everything is OK, and tell her that she’s been acting different lately. Give her examples of how her behavior has changed, and tell her that you would like to know and understand if there’s a reason for it.
You have to open the lines of communication and encourage her to open up about what is troubling her in the relationship, and proceed from there. When she’s showing the signs you have a cheating wife, approaching her could be a delicate situation.
You have more than a sneaking suspicion
For those who have adequate reason to believe that she’s cheating on you, do not accuse or threaten her because if you’re wrong, she’ll feel that you really don’t trust her. Rather than exclaiming, “I know what’s going on!” or “Who have you been messing around with?” ask, “Will there be something I will know?” or “I’ve reason to believe you are not being 100% honest with me.”
This might seem passive, nevertheless, you would like to approach this issue carefully because if you are wrong, you may well be messing up big style. In case you are right, however, you have permission to improve hell.
You catch her or have concrete evidence
If there is no chance that this is really a misunderstanding and you also are positive that she’s been pawing another dog, approach her with an increase of assertion. Tell her everything you saw, how it certainly makes you feel, and everything you intend to do about it.

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