Signs Her Looks Will Hold Up

She’s already discussing cosmetic surgery
Your lover accepts the old mantra that beauty is pain” and contains already arrived at grips with the truth that if her looks don’t cooperate in the coming years, she may need to go under the knife. She probably already watches reality shows and documentaries about plastic surgery as a sort or sort of mental preparation. She’s consulted doctors and websites and spoken to women who’ve allowed their health to operate as canvases of skilled surgeons. Who knows, she may have already had work done that she isn’t ready to show you until she knows you’re sticking around forever. If she realizes that getting sliced by the doc to stay looking young may be an option, you’ll be able to be confident she’ll look good in two decades – if you can keep investing in the surgical procedure. If the idea is mentioned by her of plastic surgery, your first response should be it’s not necessary it,” incidentally. It’s common courtesy, really.
She hasn’t changed much since you’ve met
Day you met She was smokin’ hot your, and she hasn’t changed much over time. Hell – she doesn’t even look much unique of her pictures from senior high school or college, apart from the lip and hairspray gloss. They are all signs that she’ll look good in twenty years. If you are really lucky it might also mean the very best years are yet ahead. Some women have more beautiful with age even. Congratulations, there exists a possibility you’ll have the latest wife in the nursing home. That’s best for at least several extra rice puddings weekly from gentleman callers who wish to slow dance with her during dance class. If she actually is still hot really, hold on for Jell-.
She has looked after herself always
Looking after her body , her looks and the complete package isn’t something not used to your woman. She’s been keeping herself finely tuned for years. She also doesn’t take part in all the things that will lead to trouble in later years. She takes care of her skin, doesn’t bake in the sun or tanning beds and gets plenty of rest. She also pampers herself with mini-vacations, facials, manicures, and occasional spa splurges. She eats well and drinks plenty of water, and she exercises to stay fit.
she’ll look good – what about you?

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