She Shouldnt Be Your Girlfriend

Awkward sex
If you’ve never considered your friend in “this way” before, it’s likely that the bottom physical attraction simply isn’t there. And when it before was never there, you will discover yourself forcing it to suit your newfound goal of making this girl your serious girlfriend – which is bound to lead to some horribly awkward physical encounters. Your head might want to turn your friendship into something more – but it doesn’t mean that your penis is going to agree with you.
The potential for settling
The question of Am I settling? ” comes into play in almost every serious relationship at one point or another. Most times you should ignore it and realize it’s only a product of the grass is definitely greener on the other hand” human condition. However when you’re going for a longstanding friendship and hurtling it full-steam ahead right into a relationship, the question of whether you merely settled with the nearest and easiest possible option for a girlfriend is entirely valid and a hardcore doubt to manage.
The end of one’s friendship
Whether your attempt at turning your platonic gal pal right into a serious girlfriend lasts for weekly or perhaps a year, the friendship you once had with her has ended. Period. There’s no heading back. You might lay out the bottom rules before you enter this experiment and swear that you will remain friends whatever happens, but that’s one among those comforting lies we tell ourselves – like Santa Claus and soul mates. A wholesome, platonic relationship with an associate of the contrary sex is really a rare thing – and it’ll rapidly become extinct that you experienced if you opt to cross that line.
she’s your friend, keep it this way

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