She Asks Loaded Questions (That DONT HAVE A VERY Correct Answer)

4. She Asks Loaded Questions (That DON’T POSSESS A Correct Answer)
An overwhelming most questions women ask are honest, inquisitive queries. There exists a small minority of dangerous questions, however, which have no good answer, because in the eyes of an extremely jealous woman, there is absolutely no good answer, period. For instance, if she asks, Do you consider insert gorgeous celeb is prettier than me?” you will find only two possible answers – no no. Once you say no, a jealous woman’s jealous nature may cause her to accuse you of lying. Wait, you didn’t think saying yes was a choice… did you?
Why It’s Harmful: Jealous people often ask questions to bait someone else into giving the incorrect answer. It’s a solution to stay in control of the partnership. In addition, it causes a fight, turning the answerer in to the bad guy” even though he did nothing wrong. There is absolutely no point in maintaining a relationship where you’re constantly playing the area of the bad guy.

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