Shacking Up

The Two-Income Myth: Living together means paying less rent, so additional money is left you can devote to beer and iTunes.
Reality check: When you will indeed be splitting the bills now (presumably), you might have new expenses to cover now, too. Hopefully with regard to your relationship you’ve moved right into a larger liveable space than either of you’re occupying alone, this means your rent went up. Although you may eat at home more regularly now than you did during bachelorhood, you’re now stocking a fridge in ways you won’t ever did before. Important thing: Inside our experience, the savings and expenses just about even out together with your pre-cohabitation lifestyle. But saving cash is really a horrible reason to go in together with your girlfriend, so hopefully this aspect isn’t vital that you you.
The Sex-Everywhere Myth: You will christen every room, and go on a shining future of (at least) daily sex. It’s so convenient now, thinking about?
Reality check: Yeah, this one’s harsh. Your sex life will change. On the main one hand, you may try things you won’t ever tried before, since sex can be more routine and she’ll maintain her comfort zone instead of getting up in yesterday’s makeup at your house. However, after a couple of months, you very well may be having less sex than you’d anticipated. Such may be the life of several couples. We wish we’re able to reassure you your girlfriend may be the exception, but she probably isn’t. If she actually is (put simply, if 2 yrs in you’re still carrying it out daily), you’re a lucky man. Buy her something special to thank her. Seriously.
The Lingerie Lifestyle Myth: What man doesn’t love the sight of his girlfriend ambling around his apartment in another of his shirts the morning after? Considering that you’ll together be living, you will notice two types of mornings: Sexy oversize T-shirt mornings, and sexy lingerie mornings when she’s feeling more feminine. Although you haven’t yet confirmed it, you suspect that carrying out a long visit to work she’ll sometimes reunite and strip because of her cute underwear.

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