Observe her reaction
The next thing is to watch her a reaction to see whether you should make the right path to introduce yourself. If she returns your waves and smile, there is a green light. If she turns to her giggles and friends, give it time to determine whether she’s laughing at you or expressing her delight to girls. Anything such as eye-rolling, nose-upturning or refusing the drink is really a bad sign obviously. In that full case, shrug it off.
Introduce yourself
Give her an opportunity to enjoy her drink. Then, if her reaction is favorable, approach her and begin up a conversation. You mustn’t act cocky or assume anything because she accepted your drink. You have created yourself an directly into start things off with her, but don’t go on it for granted. You’ve kept to utilize your charm and wit to generate a good impression. An effective follow-up is key in terms of sending women drinks.
the ice is broken

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