Seduce Her With Chocolate

Boost her mood
It’s not just the luring scent , the silky texture or the moan-worthy flavor she loves: Physiologically, chocolate is a mood-booster as well. Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which creates feelings of positive energy that are said to mimic those of falling in love. Plus, recent studies show that the tryptophan in chocolate also ups serotonin levels in the brain, which will fill her with feelings of happiness. Here’s why this matters, guys: If you’re standing on her doorstep with a box of chocolates in your hands, she’ll want to indulge – in the chocolate and, hopefully, you!
Show her your passion
Throughout history , chocolate has been considered a symbol of romance, passion and love. Some sources say the link between chocolate and passion goes back to the Aztecs, who served the dessert at their wedding ceremonies. Today, couples show their passion on special chocolate-themed holidays. According to Nielsen, just this past Valentine’s Day, consumers spent more than $320 million on chocolates alone! With Halloween just around the corner, grab an extra bag of candy for your girl when you’re stocking up for neighborhood kids, and you’ll make sure to reap the sugary rewards.
Indulge her sweet tooth
Granted, when a girl uses the word sweet” to describe a guy, it can sometimes be the kiss of death. Sometimes, though, sweet is exactly what she wants. Gift a girl with dark chocolate (not any of that white or milk chocolate stuff) as it has a richer taste and also may have some great health benefits. Also, insist on ordering dessert at dinner. If you have ever watched your girlfriend dip a fork right into a little bit of chocolate cake and see her close her eyes and smile when she takes that first bite, you’ll no more have the ability to dispute the consequences it is wearing the ladies.

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