Second Chance After Cheating

If you’ve never been cheated on, it’s easy to say you would immediately dump your partner if she was unfaithful. But in reality, things are not always that black and white. Feelings of love don’t instantly disappear – no matter how angry, disappointed, hurt and betrayed someone might feel. And while infidelity destroys many relationships, some couples are able to overcome it.
An AskMen reader recently turned to guyQ , AskMen’s Q&A platform, for advice on dealing with the aftermath of infidelity.
Has anybody ever gave a girl a second chance after she cheated? If so, did it turn out well? Please share your thoughts from experience.
Fellow guyQ users weighed in on the topic – and most were against the idea of second chances after cheating. Should you be in an identical situation or know a person who is, take notice:
The simple simple truth is…. you’ll never be capable of trust her again.
Maybe that’s becasue she can’t ever be trusted again. As well as perhaps it’s becasue you can’t forgive her. The point is, it spells doom for the partnership.
You’ll regularly be second guessing her, wondering if she’s really where she said she was going, wondering if she’s secretly meeting him and in addition if you are certain another guy is forever from the picture, another guy that starts work in her office or that she meets begins these fears just as before.
Cheating hurts immensely. Individuals who take action are selfish.
If she looked after you, cared really…. cared like you will need her to look after the long term, term…. she wouldn’t did it. She would did anything in her power never to hurt you.
Bottom line” Around you think you prefer her, she’s not the main one. She is the main one who’ll again hurt you, eventually but she’s not the main one for you.
And if it really is thought by you hurts to leave her, it’s nothing to how you’ll feel if/when she does this again.
Never ever provide a girl after she cheated you another chance! Why? Because not only did you lose her respect nevertheless, you also made her a spoiled girl thinking she will get away with everything now.
My experience was, a woman was presented with by me 3 CHANCES… And each and every time i begged on her behalf to come back if you ask me… She didn’t even had to say sorry. You know what happened? I lost my self-respect. I asked myself what am i doing? I was really lost and insecure at the time (that was 3 years ago).
There’s a fine line between being in love and being stupid. My advice? Dumb her! Even if she’s out of you’re league, amazing in bed kinda girl, DUMB HER! You don’t need to suffer everyday when she’s not around asking yourself what is she doing? Is she cheating? NO! STOP! Turn a new page and start over again with someone new.

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