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Front page:
Unlike many other internet dating sites, has a very detailed front page.
The nice and harmonious layout depicts a pretty woman breathing the fresh air on the background of the blue sky: it seems, she is in love. Another big picture below is of romantic kind also.
The registration field is brief, neat, and intuitive.
You can find real users’ photos and names on leading page: usually 12 of these, both men and women. One cannot see from where they’re but by names, there are numerous Russian and Ukrainian girls Some male members are young enough too even though site proclaims its market is 40+. Generally, the photos are of great quality and incredibly well chosen.
The website guarantees qualitative services, absolute safety, and professional customer care highly.
Then comes the About us” section where in fact the site is named Premium” that is synonymous to the high price. Simultaneously, the website reveals its main purpose: connecting serious-minded singles for lasting relationships.
Out of this little introductory text, we learn that Rondevo is in the dating market for over a decade now. A large amount of success stories is mentioned also.
The website guarantees anti-scam protection putting it on the very first place. It tells us about its very precise and qualitative matching system also. Although automatic, it works perfectly and is build by using the newest innovative algorithms.
Finally, there exists a list of available payment options in the bottom of the front page and another reassuring that users are safe here with their bank information and personal data. From there, we are able to be redirected to such parts of the website as Disclaimers, E mail us, Terms of use, ONLINE PRIVACY POLICY, Refund policy, Cookie policy, and Report abuse.
Any more questions or issues could be solved by the e-mail: [email protected]
Signing up:
Registering is easy and free. One fills just a few basic fields on leading page and gets using the more descriptive questionnaire It includes classical questions like the presence and/or willingness to obtain kids, preferred height and weight range, etc. By the ultimate end of registration, a person is suggested and encouraged to produce a profile photo likewise.
Profile quality:
Profiles on are very qualitative mostly. Women should fill all fields properly and comprehensive just like men should add a minumum of one photo. Girls’ profile photos may also be obviously pre-moderated as only good and appropriate ones are selected and posted. Girls look smiling and welcoming in it, without having to be vulgar or revealing too. They wear feminine dresses and also have long flowing hair but simultaneously mostly, photos enough are casual, without having to be glamorous or Photoshopped too. Because of this, the impression is natural and pleasant quite.
Terms useful describe and regulate such services as sending ice-breakers, messaging, the true gifts delivery, etc. You can find special paragraphs about the age restrictions (from 18 y.. only), polite and correct behaviour, etc.
Therefore, we can see that Rondevo dating site is legit and it provides a myriad of services which prove that, including the real gifts delivery to the girls with confirming photos. This type of service covers several countries but mainly Eastern Europe.
It is very important note that credits purchased and spent are usually not refundable, but a member can get a refund in case of cancelling the gift delivery order before it is processed.
Terms useful also support the full postal address of the business with the very best office in Cyprus.
Safety level:
It really is said for sure that is clearly a safe site. Let’s understand why exactly:
Even though some profile photos is seen by everyone free of charge, there’s just a couple them and the united states or city aren’t mentioned. The complete gallery is available and then registered paid members.
Probably the most modern measures are used order to protect the lender card information and all financial transactions.
This specific site cares a whole lot about protecting the users’ private information ever shared through the messages or in different ways. Not only it really is protected by technical means and manually by the administrators, but additionally the users are constantly reminded to check out the essential security rules, avoid scammers, report the suspicious users urgently, etc. The anti-scam protection can be strong and many-sided.
Positives and negatives:
On the list of pros, we’d list such obvious advantages as 10+ years in the dating market and a massive professional experience alongside real success stories; well-protected site with many possibilities and features; and detailed, clear and fair Terms useful supplying a guaranteed refund cases specifically.
On the list of cons, we’d only mention having less new surprising services and somewhat limited database at this time. Both factors could quickly be improved very.
Phone app version:
Users’ comments:
was really interesting if you ask me because I didn’t expect it to contain so many profiles of real Eastern European girls , not only those ones who reside in the countries of former USSR but additionally those ones who already moved to the West and remain single. It is a very budget-saving option as you don’t need to be worried about the visa, tickets and back constantly there, explaining what to her parents, and many more. I met several girls personally, Russian and Ukrainian, who stay in the united states for work or studies already, and I met them because of Rondevo exactly! All girls were real and didn’t search for my wallet only. I liked one of these and we have been dating now especially. I even won’t need to maintain hurry with the marriage as she is already able to stay here legally by her own means. It really makes the relationship much less stressful but keeps all of the benefits of Slavic beauty and mentality. I’m sure we have been together for good and it’s really amazing!” (Michael, 39, Washington, DC)
Well, firstly, I’ve no idea why Rondevo isn’t extremely popular, it has all of the potential for that. It will be preferred by me to possess more Slavic girls in its database, but those existing ones are of top quality even. Nobody tried to scam me on this site and it was such a shock for me. I literally don’t remember even one dating platform going back decade which wouldn’t be partially fraudulent. But here girls are sending if you ask me unique personal messages and their life stories aren’t concerning the troubles and then make me feel pity for them. It is a normal communication! Wow! I began to respect women out of this certain section of the world again. I sent something special to 1 girl possesses been delivered, we switched to the non-public communication from on then. She isn’t wanting to hide or to avoid me. I wasn’t very trusting after my former experiences, honestly, now I’m greater than convinced however. More likely to fly to her soon! Thanks Rondevo!” (Alex, 42, Dusseldorf)
is an extremely very pleasant and trustworthy dating website with a diligent attitude. If you like free or cheap platforms, it is not for you, but if you’d like quality and safe settling down with a nice Eastern European girl, this is your place. I felt so comfortable signing up, starting my first conversations, and discussing views on future with the girls. I finally was respected and cared about, it was such a forgotten feeling. To help make the long story short, I met Alina from Saint-Petersburg, and she was intelligent and kind fairly. I flew to her many times and met her parents even, everything was much better than expected. She’ll come for an extended visit now and none of this would ever happen or even Rondevo. No wonder it is not in the scam list or black list on the internet: the negative reviews are absent because there are do not require. I told concerning this site to all or any single friends of mine. Well done Rondevo! By the way, it isn’t just for 40+ folks so in fact, everyone can try his luck there.” (Alan, 46, London)
I prefer to use better known and more populated dating sites but I made an exception for this one. My co-worker said Rondevo is surprisingly legit so I decided to try. Well, I perfectly know all warning signs already but I didn’t noticed anything suspicious here so far. I wasn’t bombarded by stupid copypaste messages and no one explained honey, send me money. All talks were reasonable and meaningful, every girl wrote in her very own style, and most of them were ready to meet in real. Wow! I immediately invited the most recent you to definitely visit me in the us but she quickly disappeared as she had so many other admirers online. Next time I was more cautious and invited just a good-looking girl who seemed to have similar interests in life. She found me and paid portion of the ticket cost also! I was lucky she flew to America before and her father may be supportive with the sum of money Well, I just wanted to check her honest intentions therefore i am more gallant in forseeable future organizing everything without any help. We have been going perfectly and I’m thinking to stay with this particular girl. Rondevo is sort of cool.” (Richie, 41, East Grand Rapids)
Final verdict:
is unfairly underestimated dating website you won’t look for a lot of information regarding. However, after our very thorough research and specially the analysis of users’ reviews, we have been strongly convinced that Rondevo is effective and safe enough to stay the Top-20 of the very most trustworthy sites focused on Eastern European dating along with other forms of international dating.
supplies the solid database of members, not so low but affordable price, great benefits including such reassuring ones because the gifts delivery, and an excellent quality of services. Customer support is rarely good on modern sites. Very often, it is slow, lazy, and ineffective. But Rondevo indeed provides the 24/7 support and solves all issues very promptly.
It is very well seen that girls’ profiles and correspondence are constantly viewed in checked to be able to block the fraudulent accounts ASAP. Men admit that girls never asked them about the money directly, there could only be some hints or questions very easy to avoid. Once being ignored, they repeat their attempts never. The website reminds that suspicious girls ought to be immediately reported constantly. The administration also greatly welcomes girls with the Slavic roots who already moved to the East and also have professions. This group of women has a lot more honest intentions.
may be the hidden jewel on the list of sands of loneliness and disappointment really. So many forums along with other sources concentrate on men’s negative experience and the lists of scammers, so several men are taking the opportunity until now online internationally nowadays. Fake accounts, bots, a lot of commercials and ads, all that spoils the mood and nowadays kills any romance. Nevertheless the sites like Rondevo, have sex on a distance possible again. They appear to discover the formula of success that’s still unknown to many. But its secret is mainly in care about the client as others care only about the profit.

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