Reward METHOD OF Getting Hot Filipino Women

By Jade Seashell (contributor), author of ‘A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure’
(Disclaimer: The techniques described in this posting are for confident men which are already experienced in the dating department only. The techniques in this article are for general information purpose only. The writer which website aren’t in charge of any consequences that you may face after implementing these techniques.)
Today I’ve went a little wild and share a high-risk, high-reward method of dating hot Filipino women with you. We’ve long known that some Filipino women are wild in the bed room, but have you any idea that you could leverage this in your initial interaction with a hot and horny Filipino girl ?
This high-risk, high-reward approach is quite bold. Whether it’s done right, it is possible to literally get her into your bed today. Be aware that this approach requires the highest level of calibration – You have to be very well-calibrated in order to be successful. But once you’ve understood the principles and practiced enough, you may be rewarded fastest as well.
⦁ Filipino girls have the best English among women in all non-English speaking countries, so they can understand everything you say. Therefore, you should use a bold opener which is sexually charged. Because Filipino ladies don’t want to look like sluts, they probably can’t tell you they like your dirty talk Consequently, you quickly say, Just kidding. Sorry. Provide you with a hug.” Then she can’t really blame you. But in her subconscious mind, her imagination is already going wild.
⦁ How to react if Filipino women don’t provide you with a positive response: If a Filipino woman becomes negative after hearing your sexually charged opener, it is possible to say this to her, Well, I didn’t know you do not have a good love of life.” Then she’ll need to prove herself for you because she doesn’t desire to be against fun. Filipino beauties desire to seek approval, you’re turning the tables hence.
I’ve made a decision to share a high-risk, high-reward method of dating hot Filipino women with one to get her into your bed today literally.
⦁ Types of bold lines (you should employ multiple bold lines because your goal would be to dirty talk Filipino women into bed):
1) You’re so smart.” (look at her breasts)
2) Perhaps you have tried a peppermint condom?”
3) As a sex symbol, how will you feel?”
4) I like the appearance of one’s body.”
Why is this system high-risk? Because this system is so bold, women from the Philippines associate you with sex material automatically. It is high-risk as you may get slapped. Nevertheless, you can always say Sorry quickly, kidding just.” before they slap you. Usually, Filipino women wouldn’t slap you since they generally put white men on a pedestal plus they desire to prove themselves. That is why this technique is preferred here.
Why is this system high-reward? If you’re not her first choice Even, you are the only real man who offers her sex (most men do not know how to do something); therefore, she’d think about sex with you. That eliminates a lot of energy and games wasted. Basically, it’s the fast-track to Filipino ladies’ pants. Night that you meet her You might have sex with her on the original.
What direction to go if she needs multiple date before sleeping with you? If for reasons uknown the Filipino girl needs multiple date with you before sex with you, you’d better claim that the next date should happen at your place. (If you live with your parents, you need to know why you must move out and live by yourself by now, right? That’s because living with your parents means death of your sex life.) As to the second date with the Filipino beauty , you can say this to her, I’ll cook dinner tonight. Then we’ll watch a movie on the couch together. When you come over to my place, please bring some ice cream.” In this way, she has to invest in this relationship with you as well. Because she has invested in it, she doesn’t want to ruin it – that’s psychology. Because of this, your relationship with the Filipino woman is easier to manage in the long run. After having dinner at your house, you should visit a movie with her in the home. Remember: logistics tend to be more important than you imagine, this means the movie that you decide on should donate to your seduction success. In the event that you select a terrible movie, you’re wasting your time. Good movies are romantic movies which boost romantic and sexual feelings; horror movies that provide you a chance to protect her (touch her); comedies that help her relax.

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