The alternate route would be to ask mom first. When you can get her working for you, she might be able to help convince dad to provide his blessing.
Confidence is key
Don’t wear grungy clothes or arrive following a workout at the fitness center. Shower, shave and dress appropriately. Don’t wear a hat, or, should you choose, take it off before you have your conversation. Present yourself as an adult, responsible adult, not the young kid that kept his daughter out past curfew.
Raise the subject
Respectfully require his blessing to marry his litttle lady (but don’t make reference to her therefore). This may go several ways.
With some fathers, it might take a long discussion. He might have problems with respect to your maturity, age, cultural differences, or commitment level. Whatever his issues, hear them out and address each one of these as best since you can. With just a little convincing and explanation, you might change his mind.
If he will not give his blessing, gracefully accept his response, particularly if you choose to proceed with the proposal. Usually do not argue or fight with him, since there is still an excellent chance you are talking with your future father-in-law.
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