Relationship Rules

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Congratulations! You have successfully navigated through the treacherous waters of are and dating now in a full-fledged relationship. You have accomplished something so few could actually before you. Given that you have got yourself in to a relationship, you can’t help but think: Now what?
Are things more likely to change given that you’re officially dating? As because they change long? Or in case you keep acting exactly the same way you have been completely exactly? The biggest mistake people make when engaging in new relationships is letting the pressure of a brand new title reach their heads. Contemplate it. Literally nothing has changed except you now refer to each other as girlfriend or boyfriend.
It’s likely that before you made a decision to ensure it is official, people around you figured you’re dating anyway. Don’t belong to this trap and self-sabotage your personal relationship.
How do you know very well what you should and really should not be doing? Have a look below.
Do: Have Date Night
You can get caught up together with your social scene, nevertheless, you should remember you’re also in a relationship. You don’t have to be going out every single night and blacking out assuming you have a boy/girlfriend.
This is another advantage of being in a relationship – you will have someone else to accomplish something else with. You will definitely manage to spend far more quality time once the setting is just both of you as opposed to an enormous group at a bar.
Don’t: Bombard SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING With Your Photos
Gag me. In the event that you were so secure in your relationship, why should you flaunt it on every social media marketing platform?
The simple truth is that no-one cares about your romantic getaway or the kissy faces you two are making at one another. Do everyone a favor and just keep those pictures by yourself nightstand.
Do: Split The Check
If you are in a full-fledged relationship, the obligation of the guy spending money on every meal can go right out the window. You’re within an equal partnership, so it is okay to split the check or take turns alternating who’s likely to pay the bill.
It’s nice to change it up also it more than alleviates a number of the guy’s responsibility. Remember you’re both young and you’ve both got bills to cover!
Don’t: Text Their Friends
This is just creepy and weird and may even be considered crossing the line. This just looks sketchy on your part. The only time this is even acceptable is if it’s about buying your significant other a gift or planning a special date. There’s no reason to engage in petty banter – remember these are their friends, not yours.
Do: Be Honest About Your Intentions
If you don’t see a future with this person, you have to be upfront and honest about it. The worst thing that can be done is enter a relationship with someone you haven’t any intentions of taking seriously.

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