Relationship Lessons From Prince William And Kate Middleton Page 3

If it feels right, do it now
Year In the run around the big royal wedding next, expect to hear a whole lot about Kate Middleton not being from royal stock. Kate originates from a middle-class upbringing, with her mother being truly a former air stewardess for British Airways famously , but this is a thing that, quite rightly, has appeared to have concerned William never.
In the past, young princes have already been pushed into dynastic alliances with foreign princesses for the nice of the national country, and many more recently, Prince Charles was urged to select his future wife from “blue-blooded” stock, but William is very much their very own person. He’s a levelheaded, independent son; the sort of figurehead that the royal family needs, one who realizes that finding your soul mates must not be tied to just selecting from the surface of the echelons of high society.
Keeping an open mind as soon as you meet women ought to be encouraged, and also if others turn their noses up at your partner, don’t allow anyone influence the method that you experience someone, because, because the song goes, love conquers everything.
Treat your lover right
Because the future king of England, Prince William could easily have spent his youth sowing his wild oats, sampling a playboy lifestyle and generally acting just like a pompous fool, but those possibilities couldn’t be farther from the reality.
Prince William has acted just like a true gentleman throughout his relationship with Kate Middleton, giving her space to breathe, treating her to the casual holiday and encouraging her to pursue her career, and she’s reciprocated. She was instrumental in encouraging the prince to pursue his studies during his first year at St. Andrews, after he started having doubts about further education.

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