Relationship Lessons From Prince William And Kate Middleton Page 2

Ignore outside influences
When Prince Kate and William Middleton took a short relationship hiatus in 2007, following pressure and intrusion from the media, Prince Charles chastised his son for not demonstrating sufficient commitment to Kate apparently, pointing out he had yet to propose marriage Kate could have become frustrated at having less commitment from William, however the future king stuck to his guns.
William had sense enough to realise that it didn’t take an gemstone on her finger to show his loyalty; rather than following his father’s advice, he made his feelings known by dedicating a growing number of of his private time and energy to Kate.
The Queen is thought to have expressed surprise that it took such a long time for the couple to obtain engaged , but the simple fact is that couples under 30 take into account the best divorce rates in the united kingdom, a statistic that young families like William and Kate should consider when contemplating matrimony. Lesson learnt? Don’t allow anyone influence your choice, if it’s the Queen of England even.
You shouldn’t be defined by your relationship
When Prince Charles married Princess Diana 30 years back nearly, she was a retiring and shy 20-year-old, 13 years Charles’ junior. The entire glare of the media attention would eclipse her eventually, leading to the break down of the partnership, and ultimately, you can argue, her death.
On the other hand, Kate Middleton is William’s senior by five months, and independent fiercely. Gifted Academically, sporty and ambitious, Kate has spent her life doing her very own thing, and although she’s sought her very own privacy actively, she’s never been someone to hide behind William.
Whilst William was having his military training away, Kate was busy forging her career as a fashion buyer for women’s shop Jigsaw, refusing to rest on her behalf laurels because the potential future Queen of England. Likewise, William went out in to the world and had a glittering military career – a brave decision for another king, and additional proof that for true personal happiness, you need to seek your personal independence and not depend on your lover to fulfil your daily life.
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