Relationship Guidelines

Don’t: Reveal Your Past Voluntarily
Everyone has things within their past they aren’t pleased with – and days gone by is exactly where it will stay. If this person wasn’t around once you were participating in those not-so-proud behaviors, there is absolutely no reason to fill them in with this virtually.
You are not exactly the same person you was previously; you are the individual they now are with. If, for some good reason, the past involves haunt you back, let that function as only time it really is brought by you up.
Do not suffocate your lover. You both have your personal groups of friends and you also have to maintain those groups to keep your sanity intact.
A balance is necessary by you that you experienced – your friends as well as your relationship. Of bitching at them for spending times with others Instead, embrace it and use that right time and energy to hang out with your personal friends.
Don’t: Nag/Complain
This is only a mood-killer – having a substantial other does not offer you a justification to bitch and moan about every bad thing going on that you experienced.
All this can do is cause your partner to become increasingly annoyed with you and question their decision up to now you to begin with. No one really wants to be tied right down to a total downer.
Don’t: MAKE AN EFFORT TO Change Them
You can’t change anyone and it’s really rude to use. You either accept people for who they’re or do not keep company with them. Once you truly know and love somebody, it could be frustrating watching them throw away all their potential, but this is not your problem, it is theirs.
You can express your opinion on the situation, but don’t force it down their throat – it will only cause resentment and manifest negatively. This is something they must accept for themselves and consciously work towards.
Do: Have Fun

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