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Commitment Differences
The Question
Dear Bryce,
I was dating an incredible woman for about 90 days extremely. I think there was really a good connection between us. We matched in all the right ways. The reason we stopped seeing each other is I asked if she was willing to commit to a real” relationship and actually start going out as boyfriend and girlfriend. She said she really liked me and could see how we might be good together, but for now she just wants to date different people and be single. I didn’t like this, I thought I was really in love with her and didn’t want to keep going unless we were going to end up together, so we split.
It seems like all of the single women I speak to (whether I am going out using them, or they’re just friends, from work, etc.) say they don’t desire to commit and relax”. I can observe how being really insecure might inspire you to sleep with as many folks as possible (virtually how I spent my early twenties) but this thing with not engaging in serious relationships is apparently going on with everyone. All along I thought it had been us guys who have been afraid of commitment!
I’m going to turn 30 and I must say i desire to find someone I could have another with, but it appears like every woman I meet (at the very least the people I actually like) would want to have an enjoyable experience”. Is this a lost cause? How do you get hold of a woman to commit?
I appreciate you help.
The Answer
Hey Andrew,
You will find a vast swath of main reasons why a particular individual might not want to settle in to a committed relationship. Maybe they’re so insecure they are desperate to be desired by as many people as possible. Or perhaps they’re so convenient with themselves that, for today’s time, they’re just fine independently, thank you definitely quite. Either way, you will find a bigger picture to be considered.
Individuals are marrying at an adult age than they did in past times. & most surveyed adults agree you need to stabilize their living situation, settle in to a career path and become independent before saying I must say i do financially.”
It had been previously that portion of getting your entire ducks in a row meant obtaining a spouse and a residence. Now, marriage and settling down undoubtedly are a nice treat it is possible to enjoy after obtaining a job that pays a complete time income wage and a residence that isn’t your parents’.
Not that all date you continue is often a prelude to getting using one knee and just a little gold hoop. But despite the fact that you’re discussing a BF/GF arrangement, the what-ifs” start stacking up. As in, Imagine if this person could be the One? What if my life as a carefree single is finished?” And those what-ifs” impact, consciously or not.

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