Qualities Women Want In Men (b0b89d6)

6. Have Shared Values
It’s crucially important in virtually any relationship that you share core values and principles, so it is no real surprise that shared values was an integral attribute that lots of women mentioned. This won’t mean being the very same person or getting the same opinion on everything; rather, it’s about getting the same basic notion of wrong and right, in case you quibble concerning the surface-level details.
“You don’t need to be two peas in a pod nevertheless, you should be growing in exactly the same garden,” Charlotte says. “Shared values are actually the building blocks of a relationship. This is not a fake it ’til you ensure it is scenario, either: you have to know everything you value, so ensure it is known. Provided that you can find more hits than misses it’ll work. The idea isn’t to mould into but rather compliment one another, and shared values perfectly serves this purpose.”
This is the location to reduce early in the partnership pretty. It’s okay if you have different political and philosophical views, but if she’s a diehard socialist and you’re an arch capitalist, for instance – or if she’s a staunch atheist and you’re a committed Christian – you are going to have to talk seriously and frankly about whether you have sufficient shared ground to create things work. Ensure you both agree on the proper way to live and what matters as good and bad behavior, and you also shouldn’t go too much wrong.

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