Profile Sugar Mommas Answer 4 Brutal Questions

In contemporary society, many rich women looking for poor men are high-profile ladies who have joined sugar momma dating sites. If you are looking for a sugar momma or would like to know more about cougar dating , you must (not should, I mean must) read this article carefully because it’s a Q&A session with two high-profile cougars (Nancy and Jo) who have kindly shared their honest answers to many handsome men’s burning questions. (In order to protect their privacy, their real names aren’t disclosed here.)
Q1: Why did you join a cougar dating site?
Nancy: I joined a sugar momma dating website because I have enough money to enjoy life for the rest of my life. As a woman with a significant amount of wealth , my values are very different from most people’s values. If this is hard to understand, just look at MacKenzie Bezos – When her divorce is finalized, she will become the richest woman in the world with a net worth of $67 billion – how many lifetimes does she need to have in order to spend that amount of money? Of course, her value system must be very different from most people’s value system. When most people are wondering whether they should buy a pair of 300-dollar shoes, I’m wondering how the hell I should spend my money in the most luxurious way when I still can.
Jo: I was married to a billionaire. My ex-husband gave me half of his shit when we got a divorce, so now I have a lot of money to spend. Even if I live a high life every day, I won’t be able to spend all my money when I’m 100 years old. So, why not join a cougar dating website and meet the hottest young man alive? I’m an intelligent woman, but rich men don’t like me. Look at Elon Musk – his first ex-wife was a writer and he didn’t like her intelligence, so they got a divorce and Elon Musk married a young actress. Then after his second divorce, he was dating another pretty actress and then a sexy musician. Donald Trump is also a billionaire and his wife was a super model. Remember: Billionaires like hot women, not smart women.
Q2: What are the differences between dating rich men and dating poor men?
Nancy: I used to date rich men only. In fact, all of my ex-boyfriends have become rich. Dating wealthy men has definitely expanded my outlook. My current hobby (reading) is a thing that I learned from my ex-lovers because every successful man that I’ve dated can be an avid reader. Now I read three forms of books:
1) books about how exactly to remain rich, e.g. investing;
2) books about mastery, e.g. communication skills and human behavior;
3) books about how exactly to provide for myself, e.g. personal styling and nutrition.
In comparison, dating poor men is an extremely different experience. Because I only date poor men that are young and intensely handsome, they’re my toy boys. Now I live my love life on my terms
Jo: I didn’t enjoy dating rich men, probably because my ex-husband was a billionaire who didn’t treat me perfectly whenever we were married. But anyway, he gave me 1 / 2 of his wealth, so perhaps he isn’t that bad. Maybe he only knows how exactly to treat his woman well following a divorce! Dating poor men differs. I teach poor men a lot of things, e.g. how to locate rich clients, how exactly to meet up with the rich for friendships, how exactly to entertain the rich, how exactly to socialize with the rich, etc. Therefore, my male sugar babies appreciate their arrangements with me. Also, when I day my currenttoy boy, he really makes me look good because I’m 50 and he could be only 22.
Q3: Do you want to marry a toy boy?
Nancy: Well, if my toy boy really wants to have a kid, then probably he wouldn’t marry me because I’m already 51 yrs . old. I am aware that younger men want children, therefore i am not thinking about marrying some of my male sugar babies.
Jo: Yes, I’m happy to marry my toy boy. I’m only 50 years young and menopause hasn’t happened yet, so I’m confident that I can have a baby and present birth to a wholesome baby. SINCE I HAVE use coconut oil to rub my sexy belly each day as a way to prevent stretch marks that may happen during pregnancy this season or next year, I’ve the confidence to state that my current male sugar baby and I have become more likely to get married and also have a child. Suppose we get married in 2019 and our child will undoubtedly be born in 2020. Once the child turns 20 years old, I will be 71 and my toy boy will be 42. Does that make me look like a grandmother?
Q4: As you are much older than your male sugar babies, are you sexually compatible with your toy boys?
Nancy: Oh, totally compatible! I’m 51 and I am dating two male sugar babies at the same time. One of them is 20; the other is 21. I’m just as horny as both of them. So sometimes I just invite both of them over and have a threesome together. They don’t mind because I give them allowance regularly. It works very well for all of us because when the 20-year-old toy boy is massaging my breasts with his full attention, the 21-year-old toy boy can focus on penetrating my honey pot truly, madly, deeply. Basically, they take turns to fk me during the threesome session. And I get all of the affection, attention and love like a queen.
Jo: Very, very compatible. Mature women are biologically programmed to date younger men because senior women’s libido is always higher than mature men’s, meaning only younger men’s libido can match mature women’s libido. Actually, my aunt is 72-years-old and she is dating a 28-year-old guy now and their love life is seriously perfect My aunt’s doctor says her private parts look as young as a 30-year-old woman’s, thanks to her loving partner. Therefore, I will keep dating toy boys in the future – their cum is the real Fountain of Youth.

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