Point Of No Return

A tragedy
In legalese, we call another point force majeure or an “act of God.” By that I make reference to an outside event away from locus of control, like a death in the family or an illness. The point is that when a tragic, serious matter grabs the focus of the relationship and wrestles it away from that new, carefree phase, the ice is broken.
Now, neither of you can afford to be playful or giddy with one another and since that is the modus operandi of the honeymoon period, it is, in effect, put on indefinite probation, if not cut off for good. The positive is that a couple that can break through tragedy together, despite the short tenure of the relationship, has a good shot at a lifetime of love.
You know each other too well
Do not despair when you discover that you can complete her sentences, or recite the middle names of her second cousins. All that represents is that you have spent a considerable amount of time and effort getting to know her better. And that is good.
The downside, if there is one, is that you both have a considerable level of familiarity with one another and now have lost that “butterfly” factor, or sense of uncertainty. On some level, you can now take each other for granted, which in my mind has never been a negative. After all, do we not strive to gain the confidence, trust and love of someone we can count on for life, if not for a few years?
To take your partner for granted then, has never been altogether bad to me. I want to reach the point where I know someone inside out and vice versa. Where I can bank on the fact that she has my back. So view it as a positive development when every boundary has been crossed, your loved ones and health background has been divulged not to mention, you have an acute knowing of the location of each birthmark on her behalf body.
to know her would be to love her
If intimate knowledge, both emotional and physical, of a female is not the finish goal of our initial curiosity and infatuation, then what’s? I hate when men say, “I really like the hunt and I weary.” Give me a rest and please, mature.

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