Playing Miami Couple Making $230,000 A Year

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By day, Paul creates films and commercials within Miami’s entertainment industry. Chelsea works as a buyer for local boutiques, assisting to pick out superb and the most recent fashions. Yet by night, she’s interested in dressing in costumes that you should go elsewhere in South Beach to stock. The engaged couple enjoys role-playing, or dressing and acting out various scenarios, such as for example doctor/patient, secretary/boss, and student/teacher in the bed room. AskMen asked them advice for others thinking about role-playing, and when it’s expensive to become maid for a night.
Names: Paul and Chelsea
Location: Miami, Florida
Combined income: $230,000
Relationship duration: 15 years
Relationship status: Engaged
AskMen: You two have been together for 15 years. That’s pretty rare today for this type of young couple. How did you two meet?
Paul: We met in high school graduation. We started dating when Chelsea was in 11th grade, and I was in 10th. It was not 15 years straight; we split up for college and dated on / off during the early section of our 20s.
Chelsea: Telling people we have been together since high school graduation is simpler than explaining the intricacies of navigating a long-term relationship and the periods of our life where we dated other folks. We’ve been together on / off since high school, however the past five years we have been together the complete time. I have been working in Miami for some time, and Paul moved here from Atlanta. We was raised in Miami, so it is where our relationship began, and our families here are.
Did these other relationships you mentioned inform the way you talk about and spend money together?
Paul: Neither folks were sincere about enough with someone else for finances to become major factor. They however did, help us notice that we together wanted to be.
Is it possible to keep a shared budget?
Chelsea: Yes. We’re both pretty organized people, but Paul is often a producer which frequently means creating budgets for a complete time income so he made a cover us to stick to whenever we moved in together. So when it involves who will pay for what, Paul will pay for more since he makes more, but it’s pretty evenly split predicated on our incomes.
Will there be an erotic element of money ever?
Paul: I wouldn’t say that money turns us on, but we do spend money on our sex lives. Chelsea loves lingerie, and role-playing with costumes is really a right section of our sex lives.
Can you elaborate?
Chelsea: I’ve a school girl costume that I’ll wear. A French is had by me maid outfit, a robe for massage scenarios, some business-y outfits I wouldn’t normally wear to work with boss/secretary, you know.
Are they expensive?
Chelsea: You could see them on Amazon for cheap, like nurse and French maid outfits, however the robe I secretary and mentioned clothing is high-end. When we purchase a homely house, I want a more impressive closet.
And you also are helped by the costumes enter the mood?
Paul: Absolutely. Consider it; soldiers wear uniforms, actors wear costumes to step right into a character – clothing absolutely can help you enter a scene a term for kinky sexual play.
You got engaged recently. Did that change how you talk about money…or sex?
Chelsea: Not sex, no, although planning for a wedding is really a full-time job (and expensive) and we’ll finally open a joint bank-account soon.
You’ve been together for such a long time, are you experiencing any tips about spicing up the partnership? Can you recommend role-playing to other couples?
Chelsea: Only if they would like to! But yes, it can work for us.
Will you share just how much you spend on the next?
Paul: We rent an apartment for $1,900 a month, but after the wedding, we’ll be looking to buy.
Paul: We pay about $7,000 in car insurance per year combined.
Chelsea: I get some discounts through my work, but clothing is something that I absolutely splurge on. To be safe, let’s say $200 a month but probably more. That’s always the line I go over on Paul’s budget.
Chelsea: $500 a month? We do tend to eat out a lot.

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