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The pain doesn’t have to start there. Have a $100 million stash of art, as claimed in the prenup. If the prenup become void, you may have to write a look for $50 million in cash to the ex. If you don’t have the cash readily available, your only option could be to market the painting – perhaps for only $80 million due to urgency of the sale – and you also still may need to pay $50 million because the asset was listed as $100 million. Maybe the art collection is currently worth $200 million? Even though the initial $100 million is protected per the agreement, the appreciation that occurred through the marriage will not be covered. Even though the prenuptial agreement stands up completely, standard community property may connect with the unrealized gain amount.
Premarital assets
The well-publicized divorce of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills can be an exemplory case of the turmoil that may unfold during divorce proceedings. Granted, Sir Paul didn’t work with a prenuptial agreement to begin with, so there is absolutely no room to get a pity party for him absolutely.
The problem concerns premarital assets. It truly is commonly assumed an ex-spouse doesn’t have any claim to any assets or inheritance that is around before the marriage began. Concerning the former Beatle, you may believe the infrastructure for a few of his great fortune was established ahead of Heather Mills arrived to the picture – or was even born (she happens to be 26 years younger than Paul). However, simply being married could bring the issue of community property into the mix automatically.
laws vary by state
Divorce isn’t monochrome through the entire national country. Actually, each constant state has its band of guidelines and laws regarding things such as for example divorce, spousal support and child support. Attention ought to be fond of the laws of each state as you won’t ever know where the future provides you. For example, if you were married in Florida and moved to NY for the career, NY might become the constant state of jurisdiction in the event of a divorce. That is key, due to the fact NY won’t offer no fault” divorce, this implies someone ought to be the one responsible – and predicated on how things get presented, it might be you. Arriving at fault in circumstances like NY may have an array of consequences, such as voiding the prenuptial agreement or paying a quantity beyond the prenuptial agreement making for an excellent and equitable” distribution. Additionally, engaging in a community-property state (Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, or Wisconsin) may have some favorable financial implications, but may open the floodgates to a 50/50 split issue also, despite having a valid prenuptial agreement on file.
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