“Is that worthwhile?” I tell the confused target.
I don’t turn my head or indicate a specific show. “I’m sorry, are you talking to me?” she responds. “Yes indeed, now, you have observed this show perhaps? I would go,” I say without really yet considering her. We must initiate a highly effective discussion for the true faces to be turned. She actually is neither warming to my approach nor cold to it actually. Just mildly tempted and concerned that I would be considered a bit mental slightly.
“Is it possible to usually talk rubbish to strangers?”
Yes, you’re thinking what I’m thinking aren’t you? I’m within, she’s a “banter-babe” who loves to poke fun and playfully argue. Oh my, I could see us tickling one another into submission with only our sheets to cover us in no time. I smile to myself, and turn to what I expect will be a cheeky grin with a raised eyebrow. This was not the case, as I turn to see her place her second earphone from her loud iPod into her ear.
Cheeky doesn’t work in London, a place where boring modern-chick lit novels are set and couples hold hands whilst taking arms length pictures of themselves near the Thames river.
Awkwardness, shyness and borderline Aspergers is what I need here. No bullish penis-swinging antics, just an awkward moment turned into light chatting is the key. I have a plan.
Numerous unintentional mishaps is just about standard procedure in cramped conditions, but I’ve never seen them as a chance to pick up. They are the only things that ever spark interaction in situations such as this, and even if that is only a nervous shudder of “Oh I’m sorry,” it’s still something. I stand in the middle of a crammed train, holding onto an upright bar and bracing for the journey, but it seems that a rather pretty brunette has her hand about two inches below mine on the bar. I look away, and “unintentionally” put my hand on hers.
She quickly moves it lower from mine. Her head is cocked towards me. I obviously remove my hand with haste, and apologize. “Oh don’t worry, it’s fine,” she replies as she goes to return her head to face the window. “It was a bit awkward though,” I spurt, before she has the chance to settle. She turns back toward me and giggles at my observation. I stop my tongue from throwing out such arsery as “But it was the most action I’ve had in ages,” and just plow away with a lighthearted conversation about how busy it gets on this train at this time. It doesn’t matter what this issue is, people enjoy speaking with people when they feel safe. People like Sarah Especially, a 24-year-old buyer for a clothing outlet located in the populous city.
We exchanged numbers and decided to drop each other a member of family line. I’d have gone with the Facebook exchange, but we’re underground therefore i didn’t desire to risk not finding her when I had enough phone signal to find.
You’ll be able to meet anyone, at any true point, wherever you’re, if you make new friends and find out something to share gently. We all would rather talk, and share, and discuss things, so every occasionally you should be reminded that’s possible without the aid of a pc screen. Despite the fact that that reminder shall can be found in the correct execution of a slightly creepy premeditated plan of romance.

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