Overcoming Jealousy

Jealousy is often a bad thing: It makes you break into a sweat every time she really wants to day girls. It causes your stomach to sink at every mention of male friends, ex-boyfriends and colleagues. You are left because of it struggling to sleep, obsessing over what she’s doing with whom.
Jealousy, the bottom line is, will turn your happy little relationship in to a seething viper’s nest of paranoia, nagging suspicion and questions.
Ask an authorized
Being an internal emotion, jealousy may lead right into a unpredictable manner simply. Suspicious thoughts could possibly be amplified as you turn them and over in your mind over. Just like a conspiracy theorist overanalyzing facts and placing great significance on tiny events, it is possible to convince yourself of a thing that just isn’t there.
To achieve overcoming jealousy, seek another opinion. Without the sense of rationality or perspective, you won’t start to see the real picture. Approach a detailed friend and have for his advice. Preferably, this will be a person who considers himself your friend, rather than friend of you both.
Stress the need for total honesty and outline your reasons for being jealous. Reveal as much as you can, and if he asks questions, answer them with details, as they may help him shed some light on why you’re feeling this way. For example, have you ever cheated? If you have, this could be why you’re feeling jealous (as you’re expecting her to betray you), so don’t cover it up. Often, you’ll find just talking about things makes you realize how irrational you’re being.
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Perform a detached self-evaluation
Armed with your buddy’s insight, overcoming jealousy requires you to take a long look at yourself in the mirror. The reasons for your jealousy could have more to do with your attitude and behavior than hers. Examine what issues could spark jealousy in you. If you’ve cheated or if any of your past relationships involved infidelity, you could be more prone to jealousy than others. If you’re under stress (even for reasons unrelated to her, like work, for example), you could find your libido lowered, and feel that other men are more attractive to her.
You’re two steps away from overcoming jealousy…

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