Orgasm Triggers (188f96c)

9. Exercise-Induced Orgasms
According to researchers, recent studies show that exercise could make people – women – reach climax mainly. Also known as coregasms these orgasmic reactions have a tendency to occur when women practice core-strengthening exercises. Researchers at the Indiana University Center for Sexual Health Promotion discovered that women who did many different exercises – including crunches, weight lifting, rope climbing, yoga and even swimming – were able to induce an orgasm. The majority of participants of the study actually found themselves able to induce these orgasms whenever they wanted to without physically touching themselves. If you believe that’s crazy, well, wait till you hear that 44% of the study’s participants reported that they had experienced 11 or more orgasms during their exercise sessions. The scientists aren’t exactly sure how or why the orgasms get triggered via exercise but argue that the exertion offered by exercise causes increased blood flow to the vaginal area while also placing pressure on the clitoris So next time you’re at the gym, remember that the woman grunting next to you might actually be really enjoying her workout.

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