Orgasm Triggers (1319928)

3. Thumb Sucking
For just about any of you with out a baby fetish, this orgasm trigger will seem out of left field particularly. Sucking on your own thumb has been reported to cause orgasms in specific cases. Year a quadriplegic man Last, Rafe Biggs , made news headlines for discovering he could give himself orgasms by just sucking on his thumb as being a little kid. This idea of thumb stimulation isn’t that bizarre, though in the event that you ask a sex researcher or therapist. It turns out that there surely is a concept referred to as a transfer orgasm” which includes been related to cases where toe or finger sucking has been found to cause orgasms. The theory is simple in that massaging or sucking of various appendages – as if it were a penis – can have the effect of transferring the erotic sensations of the genitalia to the toe in the person’s brain. So next time you’re in bed with your partner or just by yourself why not close your eyes and give it a go… you might be surprised with the effects.

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