Natural Size Enhancement (fca1579)

7. Get Erect Often
You may not be familiar with this, however your penis, like other appendages, should be worked out to stay healthy. Regular erections keep your shaft virile and in form. If you discover your erections are limited because of lack of arousal throughout the day (you mean your 60-year-old arthritic boss isn’t carrying it out for you personally?) you needn’t worry. The male brain performs routine boner maintenance when you sleep. Even though the dream isn’t an erotic one, a night you have the ability to pitch a perfectly viable tent together with your sheets three to fives times, in accordance with Tobias Kohler, MD, assistant professor of urology at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Some men, however, cannot maintain regular erections. Whether they’ve suffered trauma to the nerves or have observed blood vessel damage from diabetes, these men will experience a 1- to 2-centimeter shortening effect because the penis eventually becomes less elastic. Devices such as vacuum pumps have been known to remedy such instances, though.

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