Model Ashley Alexiss Reveals HOW EXACTLY TO OVERCOME Plus

Start a copy of any fashion magazine, tilt your mind towards a billboard or flick on nearly any TV channel and you’re bound to see thin, beautiful women. Now there is nothing wrong with being thin, or being drawn to skinny(ier) women – it’s not what everyone’s into and it’s really not at all how all women are created.
Fortunately, the unrealistic depiction of women is beginning to change. Models like Ashley Alexiss and Ashley Graham are revealing their gorgeous bodies everywhere, and once and for all reason; they’re sexy, beautiful and yes, curvy.
We asked Ashley Alexiss what she considers plus-size internet dating sites and how exactly to win her over. Oh, and just and that means you know, asking her to lick her stinky yoga pants won’t help your chances.
AskMen: What do you consider of dating sites targeted at meeting plus-size women such as for example BBPeopleMeet and ?
Ashley Alexiss: I don’t possess personal experience with one of these sites nor did I am aware that there were any designed for plus-size women. I believe it’s great because it’s nice to learn there’s something focused on people like everyone else to find a special someone.
AM: Do you believe that the websites empower women to feel great about their body? Can you use one in the event that you were single?
AA: I feel like it can be empowering because, again, it’s something made specifically for you, and that’s special. I’m not a big fan of dating sites, so I wouldn’t say I would use one. I actually really enjoy meeting people out and about, it feels more authentic.
AM: What type of advice would you give men in regards to these sites?
AA: STOP WITH THE CORNY PICK-UP LINES! Seriously, just hold an adult conversation and make her laugh. I promise you, it’ll get you so much farther.
Travis Yohe
AM: What are the best opening lines when approaching a plus-size woman online?
AA: The best thing that you can do is don’t start with a ridiculous pick-up line. Make yourself memorable without sacrificing your dignity.
AM: What are the best compliments a man can give you?
AA: Compliment me on who I am, what I’m about, my accomplishments because those are things that nobody can take away. Yes, calling me beautiful is fantastic, but what happens when I’m 60 and don’t look the way I do now? Will you still find me beautiful? Maybe, not maybe, but at the very least I’ll have my personality and accomplishments that may only progress with age.
Travis Yohe
AM: Do you know the worst compliments a guy can give you?
AA: Don’t build me up by tearing another person down. Put simply, don’t say “you’re just what a real woman appears like” or “curves are for men, bones are for dogs.” That’s pitting women against each other, which we didn’t join.
AM: What can you mean by that?
AA: By attempting to make one feel better while tearing down another type of woman is only tacky and makes us feel like we’re in some type of competition. It must not be about that so when it comes to compliments, why is it necessary to compare us to another type of body to make us feel adequate? The “attempted” compliment is never heard or felt because of this..In other words, don’t say “you’re what a real woman looks like” or “curves are for men, bones are for dogs.” That’s pitting women against one another, which we didn’t sign up for.
AM: Should a woman’s size be discussed at all? What are the factors to consider before bringing up a preference?
AA: No, because that’s not what it’s about. Who marries someone because they’re skinny, or because they’re thicker? You don’t hear that being recited in someone’s vows, you hear them discuss who they are and how they bettered their life. Size isn’t necessary nor does it make someone who they are.
AM: What tips can you give to guys who prefer plus-size women?
AA: Everyday, treat her like you’re still trying to win her over. Same for smaller sized women. There’s no difference in how you treat a woman just because of their size. Like I mentioned earlier, don’t make it about size because you’re creating this distance between her and other women based on her body type. Trust me, although a man may feel that makes a woman feel good, the exact is done by it opposite.
Travis Yohe
AM: What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever been asked/told by way of a man?
AA: Oh my, with social media marketing as crazy since it is I’ve had some bizarre requests. From used panties, to being asked to rate endless dick pics, because of being asked to lick my yoga pants following a hardcore gym session. I’ll tell ya, it is a disturbing world on the market.
AM: What is the main one myth when it comes to plus-size women you would like to debunk?

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