When I first heard the term MILF (mom I’d like to fck), I was as appalled as I was excited. Excited because motherhood was clearly getting a vital makeover and appalled because I felt the term was yet another way to reduce women to a sex object.
But when my Facebook followers began to dub me Dr. MILF,” I looked around within my day (I’ve two kids and a home loan ) filled up with runny noses, homework tantrums and endless carpools, and decided that even this limited compliment glamorized my entire life a bit.
In the end, single mothers undoubtedly are a valuable demographic to men looking for a full wife. We’ve been 14-million strong. Nevertheless the problem with some men who date MILFs is they your investment most significant thing: A fantastic MILF is often a mother firstly. This means you should change your game. Here’s how.
1. Patience could be the true name of the sport
The plain thing a MILF can be an problem of is time. Between working and raising kids, her social calendar is small and a tad inked in. So show patience. Book ahead. And don’t expect her to be accessible three nights weekly.
2. Become a Mr. Fix-It
We all know that every man wants to solve problems. And dad-less homes will often have a great deal of tiny problems. You might not be considered a handyman (and when you are, you will be a shoe-in), but I bet it is possible to move some furniture around on her behalf, download a fresh program on her behalf computer or improve on her behalf audio/visual system. Some MILFs can perform these exact things themselves, but it’s so much fun to view a guy take action.
3. Understand if she actually is protective of her kids
Here is a disturbing statistic: When children reside in a house with a non-biologically-related adult male (mommy’s boyfriend), they’re 11 times more prone to experience sexual, physical or emotional abuse. Here’s a different one: A standard way that pedophiles access victims would be to date their mother. An excellent, responsible mother will undoubtedly be alert to the dangers and could be overly vigilant about exposing one to them in the beginning.

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