Every man who landed with this article knows why he’s here. He isn’t here to learn a woman’s viewpoint on dating. He isn’t here to see himself about what continues on in your brain of the contrary sex (men believe they have that certain determined, how wrong can they be?). And, he isn’t here because his girlfriend e-mailed him this short article.
Every man who here’s, is here now because he really wants to find out about the single thing all men have in common: their love of lying. It’s likely that, the men that are are looking for whatever will validate a common pastime here. Validation means they shall have a justification to help keep carrying it out.
liar, liar…
When In the end lying, I don’t only mean lying to other women. Men shall lie one to the other with impunity about everything under the sun, from the quantity of women he’s got slept with and his “alleged” size, to the amount of he bench presses at the fitness center
Let’s put the idea up for grabs. Men want to lie, however they are absolutely horrible at it. Women rarely lie, however when they do, it is a story so excellent that maybe it’s the foundation for 100 episodes of a Spanish soap opera.
You see, men who date have to lie. Portion of the nice reason is that women force men to lie. A stylish woman boils down the road, and a man better say she’s ugly and filled up with cellulite, or face the wrath of the dreaded Gucci handbag at the top.
Your woman positioned on several extra few pounds, you better say that she’s in the most effective type of her life, or even buying that handy bottle of hand lotion will be as exciting as your love life may very well be for the next little while.
But beyond the faults women may have, men don’t will have to lie. Yet they do as because they grab their privates on an hourly basis instinctively. Lies just shoot out of men’s mouths with the ferocity of a machine gun.
These lies are in the tip of these tongues often, ready for just about any situation, and frequently so filled with holes they make Swiss cheese appear to be a water dam..pants burning
Just to illustrate: a girlfriend of mine came home sooner than usual to get her boyfriend in his underwear, with used condoms on to the floor. Before she had time and energy to ask that which was going on even, the internal alarm within her boyfriend’s head had concocted a tale and spat it out.
His is really a classic. He basically said he was masturbating and made a decision to placed on a condom so he is able to have anal intercourse with himself.
Beyond the mere physical impossibility of this type of disgusting event happening even, why did he leave the condoms around even?
Laziness? – men are lazier than their Lazy-Boy chairs Probably. Much more likely though, he figured your time and effort necessary to lie will be less than waking up from the couch, picking right up the used condoms and putting them in the trash.
That’s a substantial amount of work when all you need to accomplish is say you only became intimately acquainted with your “inner” self.
It isn’t entirely men’s faults. They’re raised to lie as soon as they’re born. Protect your loved ones and lie about bad things; lie about how exactly you really wished to cry during Forrest Gump ; lie about your actual age so that you can choose the cheapest wine the 7-11 provides.
lying for a full time income
Could it be a coincidence that men contain the most jobs that involve lying? Politics, government agencies, courtroom lawyers, cosmetic or plastic surgeons, psychiatrists – who calls the shots?
Not that men lie, needless to say not. But from experience (and 99% of women will back me through to this), the only real men who don’t lie are those specialized in their religion, gay, or experienced their tongue removed.
Now let’s turn the tables. Men lie often, but usually they are harmless lies which are thought to protect their ego a lot more than anything. Women have ulterior motives.
women’s fib
Women hate lying. But unlike men, if they need to, they carefully craft a maze of stories, alibis and twists & turns which makes a Stanley Kubrick movie appear to be a children’s Television show.

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