Luxury Gifts You Can Give Your Rich Woman For Christmas, New Year Or Valentines Day

In case you are dating a rich woman, a cougar or a sugar momma, chances are she will spoil you by giving you expensive gifts as well as allowance regularly. However, in order to keep her thinking about you in the long run so that you could get paid for a long time, you should also spend money on this relationship/arrangement by giving her some luxury gifts when it’s necessary, e.g. Christmas, New Year’s Day (or her birthday) or Valentine’s Day – these are important dates that you need to show your appreciation by giving your rich woman a luxury gift.
A bottle of perfume from a luxury brand. Bags, shoes and clothes from luxury brands can be quite expensive, but cosmetics from these luxury brands must be a much cheaper option. Therefore, you can buy your cougar some cosmetics or makeup as a gift. Well, it’s hard to choose the color of her foundation, but it’s better to choose the right perfume for her because most luxury brands have done enough research regarding which scents women like before they launch a new product. So, it is simple to choose a bottle of perfume for your sugar momma. Some good recommendations are Miss Dior (for cougars who are young at heart), Tiffany & Co’s Intense (for the ultimate cougar who worships a luxury lifestyle) and Chanel No. 5 (for the classy rich woman who wants to enjoy a classic scent ). Whenever she uses the perfume from you, she will think about you all day because the scent is a strong and powerful reminder! What a great way to be with her constantly!
A lipstick, eye shadow or nail polish from a luxury brand. Yes, it’s hard to choose the correct color for your sugar momma’s foundation, but it shouldn’t be so hard with regards to choosing a lipstick/eye shadow/nail polish for her because you can always look at her existing products in the home and see what colors she prefers.
A silk scarf from the luxury brand. Have you any idea that there are lots of methods to wear a silk scarf? For starters, your rich woman can use it as a scarf. Secondly, she may use it as her pillowcase – that’s better on her behalf skin just because a silk pillowcase is less inclined to give her wrinkles when she wakes up each morning! Thus, buying her an extravagance silk scarf not merely enables you to look good , but additionally makes her look better! That’s called killing two birds with one stone! Some fantastic options are Gucci Flora Snake Print silk scarf, Burberry silk scarf and Oroton Signature silk scarf. She’ll think it’s great because wearing a silk scarf makes a wealthy woman look posh and polished.
Costume jewelry from Chanel. Unless you have the cover real jewelry, it is possible to consider buying costume jewelry from Chanel that is the world’s premier fashion brand your wealthy girlfriend must love. Coco Chanel designed costume jewelry on her behalf brand due to the fact she loved it. Actually, costume jewelry is a lot cheaper than real jewelry, in order to purchase your rich girlfriend a brooch or perhaps a couple of earrings from Chanel’s costume jewelry collection. Some earrings like that is only going to set you back approximately $350.
Sunglasses from luxury brands. If your cougar is really a celebrity (or perhaps a relatively famous person in where you live), maybe she wears sunglasses everywhere because she doesn’t desire to be recognized by others, particularly when she is out with her toy boy. Due to this fact, you can purchase her some luxury sunglasses, e.g. Gucci, Dior, etc. If they are too expensive for you personally, you can buy some when you attend the airport (just go to the duty-free shop for less price). Alternatively, you might consider buying her Ray-Ban sunglasses that ought to be cheaper generally (however the quality continues to be outstanding).
A key holder or perhaps a bag charm from Louis Vuitton. That is another cute item for mature women who’ve managed to get. If she actually is a wealthy lady, perhaps she already has many LV handbags. Hence, you’d be well-advised to create her bag more colorful giving her a bag charm or perhaps a key holder from Louis Vuitton. These things are not very costly because they’re small, so investing in a LV key holder or perhaps a bag charm won’t cause you to broke. It is possible to afford it! Honestly, by the end of the day, you’re making use of your cougar’s money to get her something special anyway, thereby making her desire to give you more income in the end. How fantastic is that?!
An excellent book. If your wealthy lady can be an established, successful and powerful woman, she definitely understands the worthiness of knowledge and learning, particularly if she actually is a self-made entrepreneur. Just observe her book shelves – is she fascinated with fiction books or is she thinking about non-fiction books? It is stated that reading fiction books could make an individual more creative and reading a novel/story before bedtime can enhance the quality of sleep aswell, in order to buy her a fiction book in the event that’s her thing. Some very nice novels are 50 Shades of Grey (by E. L. James) and Story of (by Pauline Reage). Some wonderful non-fiction books are Awaken the Giant Within (by Tony Robbins), Radical Self-love (by Gala Darling) and Front Roe (by Louise Roe). If you’re after a book that’s a mix of fiction and non-fiction, you might need it A Seductress’ Confession (by Jade Seashell ). Your rich lady will surely appreciate enough time when she can read a book on the couch when you are giving her a sensual massage as well. By the way, unless you think books are luxury gifts, you might look at these recommendations (and you will understand why books can be extremely luxury): Surviving in Style (by Rachel Zoe), Vogue on Christian Dior (by Charlotte Sinclair) and Chanel: Collections and Creations. Needless to say, you may purchase your sugar momma a biography if other successful women inspire her, e.g. Winging It (by Emma Isaacs, owner of Business Chicks) and Hillary: a biography of Hillary Rodham Clinton (by Karen Blumenthal).
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