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It’s no secret that women are hard to grasp. We can never be sure what’ll turn them on, turn them off or arouse their fury. And we actually don’t know what they’re saying when guys aren’t around.
The vacation season can further complicate matters. 2-3 weeks ago, you’re asked by us , our readers, to submit your dating and relationship questions for to have them answered by using a band of real women. Our editors Elysha Kathryn and Krupp Jezer-Morton. We invited a guest panelist also, Sowmya Krishnamurthy, who’s a standard AskMen contributor possesses caused outlets like MTV, NY Magazine and Rolling Stone.
Here’s what are going to answering:
1. How do you search for your girlfriend who doesn’t like surprises and gifts? -Tom P.
2. You’re dating a female but not looking for anything serious. She’s spending the vacation season with you, and meeting the parents is unavoidable. The question arises Once, how do you want to explain your not-so-serious status to family members without making her feel uncomfortable? -Chis C.
3. Why would my girlfriend keep her old flings in her phone? -Amir P.

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