Lets DISCUSS Affairs And Adultery

According to a major study in western countries, about 50-60% of married men have cheated on their wives and about 30-40% of married women have cheated on their husbands. It is reported that the percentage of unfaithful spouses in France is the highest in developed countries, whereas Americans are generally more faithful. Another study in East Asia suggests that at least 70-80% of married men in China have cheated on their wives and the percentage of cheating Chinese wives isn’t available (perhaps Chinese women don’t want to admit it). Clearly, that means married men are still thinking about dating gorgeous girls.
In case a gorgeous girl opens her legs before you nevertheless, you are married, is it possible to resist that?
Affairs in Europe VS affairs in THE UNITED STATES: Have you pointed out that some French presidents had famous affairs with gorgeous girls and French folks are okay with it? In comparison, when Bill Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, it didn’t appear to be right in the American culture. With that said, more folks support Bill Clinton AFTER his news broke out in 1998. Psychologists explain that phenomenon was probably due to the truth that a scandal like this humanised Bill Clinton. Put simply, when American people understand that Bill Clinton can be a standard dude with libido and is drawn to gorgeous girls , a lot of people like him a lot more. Some individuals even wrote comments such as for example Bill Clinton may be the last interesting president in US history”. Meanwhile, when Bill Clinton was the united states president, the American economy was the very best ever sold. Feng Shui masters declare that sex and money result from the same origin from a Feng Shui’s perspective, so if the US president was addicted to sex, then it was actually very good for the American economy. That’s why Bill Clinton’s libido contributed a lot to the US economy and American people should feel eternally grateful. Nevertheless, the American culture doesn’t really embrace human nature such as adultery like French people do. In France, swingers’ clubs are commonplace. People even say that if a teacher in France slept with a student, he/she is considered to be attractive; nonetheless, if a teacher in the United States had sex with a student, he/she will go to prison. As to affairs in the UK, a well-known adultery website called Illicit Encounters conducted a survey. The finding shows that Devon is the most adulterous county in the UK – more than 48% respondents from Devon admit that they have cheated on their spouses. In terms of affairs in Canada, there is a very popular adultery website/app called Ashley Madison which was launched in Canada & it seems that Canadians are more open-minded than Americans in this regard.
Affairs in China VS affairs in the rest of the world: Most married men in China have cheated on their wives. Not some. Most. Monogamy is a relatively new concept in China because it was introduced only a few decades ago. Previously, marriage was a Chinese woman’s profession. For instance, in the 1920s and 1930s, Chinese ladies were not supposed to go to school and become educated, so they had to get married and look after kids – that was their jobs. Certainly, Chinese guys at that time were allowed to marry several gorgeous girls at the same time. That’s why the traditional Chinese culture would assume that it’s okay for men to be in polygamous relationships. Therefore, although the divorce rate in China is lower than the divorce rate in western countries, the happiness level of Chinese people is actually lower as well. That is to say, though Chinese couples don’t get divorced, it doesn’t mean they are happy. A Chinese dating expert argues that every Chinese man that he knows has cheated on his spouse. No one is an exception. For Chinese men, cheating on their wives isn’t really a big deal. And many Chinese women don’t mind their husbands’ affairs, as long as their men keep bringing money to the household. A reliable source confirms that Chinese people tend to be more careful before they get married because they don’t want to ruin their reputation before marriage, but once they are already married, they begin to explore wild sexuality with multiple people as their spouses don’t want to be divorced easily. On the contrary, the western culture is the opposite – westerners are usually dating multiple people before getting married , but once they are married, they are oftentimes quite faithful.
Men’s cheating behaviour VS women’s cheating behaviour: Research in the UK reveals that men who cheat on their spouses are twice more likely to get caught than their female counterparts. It is said that women are better at hiding their secrets, whereas men aren’t good at lying. Also, that means women are better at finding out their husbands’ secrets because women’s intuition is stronger and can tell subtle differences such as a different perfume, lipstick mark, hair as evidence, etc. No wonder some men always take a bar of soap with them when they head to resort rooms with gorgeous girls – they don’t really want to utilize the soap in the hotel for a shower after sleeping making use of their gorgeous girls as the soap in the hotel smells differently from the soap in the home. Nowadays some women even check their husbands’ suitcases and jackets to be sure there is absolutely no soap in it. A far more recent phenomenon is checking their husbands’ cars. If you can find envelopes in a man’s car, that can indicate he gives cash to his sugar babies (gorgeous girls who date married/older men for allowance).
How to talk to a lover who’s not your partner: Most men get caught because of the texts with gorgeous girls. Hence, an increasing number of men don’t use texts making use of their lovers. Instead, they join adultery apps and sites such as for example Adult Friend Finder because nearly every adultery website provides an app and this can be downloaded on the website. In this manner, married men and gorgeous girls can speak to one another via the app instead of texts. If adultery is indeed common nowadays, does that mean the existing marriage institution is problematic or wrong?

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