Its Zapping Your Creativity

Technology is currently having immense influence on the most fundamental aspect of human behavior – our sexuality, which informs how we feel about ourselves, other people, our relationships, our lives, our happiness. As Ryan Duggins writes in Confessions of an Online Porn Junkie , Men are changing, and while I don’t know what the answer may be, I do know what the problem is.”
Sex is personality. It’s as fundamental a part of who you are as any of your other skills, talents, characteristics, and psychology. How you operate sexually should be an expression of you. The irony is that in a world where much is talked about technology’s ability to make creators of us all, and to enable creativity and self-expression to flourish on so many different platforms in so many different ways that never previously existed, instant accessibility to online porn is killing creativity and self-expression in sex. Porn is homogenizing sex.
So make the sex you have be all about you, in the most profound sense. Talk to your partner/partners, about what you each like, what you don’t like; listen, explore, negotiate, take time, push the boundaries, be creative, express yourself.
And if you imagine you may like some help with that, it’s coming with MakeLoveNotPornTV.

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