Is It Serious

She wants a lover if she:
Regularly mentions social events she’ll be attending but never asks someone to join her.
Turns your invitations to social events down.
Dismisses your attempts to share with you any personal information.
Tells you that her schedule could possibly be unpredictable and you will be offering to call you when she’s free.
Her last relationship
She wants a boyfriend if she:
Tells you specifically why her last relationship failed and what she’s learned due to this fact.
Mentions the partnership status of her friends.
Asks about your previous girlfriends and dating history.
Remarks on which different you’re from her past boyfriends.
She wants a lover if she:
Avoids discussing previous men in her life or only makes negative comments about them.
Is less than enthusiastic when discussing a friend’s relationship or upcoming wedding.
Tells you that you remind her of her ex.
Lets you know that she happens to be dating various men casually.
Her dating style
Suggests watching an enchanting comedy or scary movie.
Invites someone to events that represent how she wants to spend her time or items which are crucial to her.
Suggests a double date or perhaps a social gathering where you’ll be getting together with her friends, family or coworkers.
Really wants to hold your hand or be otherwise intimate with you in public areas.
She wants a lover if she:
Shows no fascination with scheduling daytime dates.
Plans activities that revolve round the usage of alcohol or are in places that produce conversation impossible.
Gravitates toward dating activities that enable revealing clothing or physical interaction.
Suggests dinner and a movie at her place, then mentions that she can’t cook.
boyfriend vs. boy toy

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