Intergenerational Relationships In Philippines

Intergenerational (age gap) relationships are normal in Philippines. Whenever a visitor to Philippines first sees a 72 year old man with a 22 year old Filipina they might be shocked. While that is an extreme example, it could surprise those people to find that this intergenerational couple has been married for 4 years. If we check back with this particular same couple 6 years from now they’ll be celebrating their 10th loved-one’s birthday. That’s getting very near to the average length of a wedding between people of exactly the same age yet age hypocrisy still exists in lots of societies.
How large may be the average age gap?
It is hard to place a number on the average age gap, but this author attended a recent party in Philippines where the guests were primarily intergenerational couples. The average age of each male spouse was about 60 years. The average age of the female spouses was about 25 years. An estimate of the average length of marriage (or live in partnership) was about 5 years. From this we can estimate that a 35 year age gap is not uncommon within Philippine intergenerational relationships.
One of the visitors to the party was an American man who was only 30 years old. He commented that the elderly husbands would have been playing cribbage at the senior’s center had they been in the US. He said he was amazed to see these men, residing in Philippines with much younger wives, living large and in charge.
Happy Intergenerational Couple
Do these intergenerational couples have children?
Yes, children are common in Philippine intergenerational relationships. Many foreign men who are in the autumn of their years have fathered children with Filipina beauties who are still in the springtime of life. The children of these relationships are highly valued in Philippine society. It has been said there is a high probability that the father will pass away before the child reaches adulthood. While that may be true, there is a growing probability that a same-age marriage will not last until the child matures. Some young ‘fathers’ do not even stay until the child is born and child support is not high on their priorities. Children are one of the reasons why young ladies prefer very mature men.
Not all mature men might have children. The most typical reason is really a vasectomy early in life. Problems like this have already been solved by vasectomy reversal, artificial insemination, adoption, or getting a lady who already has children. Some intergenerational couples remain childless for many years. This is a matter of choice.
Age-gap dating is really a legitimate way to look for a serious relationship. Do younger women hold an appeal for you personally? Are you ready to cope with the prejudice? In the event that you answered yes to both questions you then should try intergenerational dating.
Who’s prejudiced against intergenerational dating?
Western culture often shows age prejudice. There exists a prevailing attitude that old people should retire early to allow young have their jobs. Old people ought to be at the senior center playing cribbage. They definitely shouldn’t drive.
The grown children from the over-50 person’s previous relationships often believe that daddy’s job now could be to hang around and become their back-up, whilst caring for the grandkids when asked. Each one of these are worthwhile pursuits however when an over-50 person still has health insurance and a youthful attitude there is absolutely no justification why he cannot start again with a partner.
How do you cope with prejudice?
When you are involved with a significant intergenerational relationship you will need to deal with prejudice. Some individuals think they are the first ever to suggest: Is your Dad?”? Some individuals are genuinely requesting information about why is an effective intergenerational relationship. Take time to educate those individuals. For others, the very best response is frequently to disregard the fool or smile and suggest they have a good day.
It isn’t always possible to ignore them. Some fools are certain to get right in that person and demand to learn how old your girlfriend is and how old you are. If you cannot bite your lip and let it slide you will have a lot of stress to deal with over the years. Try to find social groups of like-minded individuals to vent with and have a laugh about it.
Intergenerational Family
What other problems do you deal with?
There are many times in life when an older person has been there done that” and has the experience to know when something will not work. A youthful partner will often see this as being negative and unwilling to try something new. It is important to find a healthy balance of when to let the youthful partner make her own mistakes and when to accept that the older and wiser partner is probably right.
Sexual appetites will differ with age. Over time you will notice that the younger person has a stronger sex drive than the older one. There is truth in the expression use it or lose it”. Aging men have discovered that sex is like any other exercise, when you keep active you maintain the ability to keep doing it. Pharmaceutical companies have provided us with modern medicines like Viagra and there are sex toys that can be used by those who need more help. It is important for an older person to commit himself to his lady’s physical pleasures. If he won’t, she might find someone who will.
There will be family pressure to deal with. In most cases, the family of a Filipina will be supportive of an intergenerational relationship. It is the foreign man’s family who will create problems. Many families have disowned foreign men who chose to move to Philippines to be with a younger wife. Grown children suspect the new wife is wanting to take their inheritance. Aging parents suspect their son is in his second childhood. Brothers are upset because their wives are always talking about this ‘perverted’ relationship. It is something you must prepare yourself to deal with before entering an intergenerational relationship.
Should you try intergenerational dating?
Age-gap dating is a legitimate way to find a serious relationship. Do younger women hold an appeal for you? Are you prepared to deal with the prejudice? If you answered yes to both questions then you should try intergenerational dating.

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