The Girl’s Girl
I’m definitely a Girl’s Girl. I clapped when Ross and Rachel kissed finally, I’ve a pink iPod case and concentrate on a women’s magazine. But I banter with my male friends also, play love and pool The Who. Note: The GG isn’t ‘girlie’, a derogatory term which earns your ideas braided hair and a My Little Pony lunchbox (although, I had the type of totally. But, crucially: when I was 8. Not 28).
Most likely to convey: Amaze.”
Least more prone to say: “Wow. It’s pretty incredible that Chelsea could actually conquer Barcelona at the Nou Camp. And without talismanic skipper, John Terry, too.”
The Career Girl
Most women I am aware are ambitious really, hard-working and independent. From my experience, a great deal of men find this attractive impossibly. There are many women, however, who put their career around beyond their personal life that now, whilst they’re incredibly successful, boyfriends have a tendency to fall at the wayside. Anticipate to come second, at the very least for the time-being.
Spends weekends: At work.
Least more likely to say: I am planning my dream wedding since i have was tiny.”
The Domestic Goddess
As my friends and I edge nearer to 30 , there’s inevitably more talk of ‘the future’, but one friend specifically has already established babies and boyfriends on the mind for a long time. She’s naturally maternal, selfless and can cook anything. In short, total wife-and-mother-material. She’s looking for a man who is kind, gentle, likes dogs and abides cats.
Spends weekends: At the farmer’s market
Wouldn’t be seen dead in: A City bar
The Drama Queen
A colleague sheepishly admitted recently that she started a row with her boyfriend for no reason. I just wanted some drama.” We all nodded in agreement. Women often do this and it’s probably happened to you. Don’t worry about it. These tiffs are actually pretty funny. When things kick off all the time, that’s your cue to leave.
Spends weekends: In a packed bar, tweeting about conversations as they happen
Most likely say: It literally was the worst thing EVER”
The Guy’s Girl
You know the one. She only hangs around with men, claiming women don’t really like her” when in fact they’re just irked that she flirts with their boyfriends and makes no effort whatsoever at female bonding. She’s sharp, funny and can sum up the offside rule in one sentence. But – and this is a monumental but – be wary of a girl that has no girlfriends.
Wouldn’t be seen dead in: A hen party

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